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WinScribe Digital Dictation
What Are You Waiting For?


Doctor... You're doing ward rounds, moving between facilities and need to quickly and securely record patient information. What do you do?

Lawyer... You're out of town and that big case just landed. You've got a 3 hour journey to get to the client and present the brief. What do you do?

Today more and more healthcare groups and legal firms are moving away from traditional tape based systems to employ the benefits of digital dictation.  WinScribe digital dictation has been developed with the requirements of the medical and legal professions in mind. These sectors have specific requirements for dictation, including the need for efficient turnaround of secure transcripts to provide fast, quality results.



With WinScribe, it doesn’t matter where you are. Because WinScribe uses digital files instead of tapes to transport dictation, your work can be sent for transcription instantly from any location with internet access. Dictate and send your job using multiple recording input options, such as your PDA.

WinScribe also allows you to monitor the status of your work from anywhere. You are able to retrieve jobs for review and editing or download completed jobs which can include the transcribed document.  Combined with WinScribe’s faster digital transcription, your dictation will be ready by the time you get back to the office.


New technology which integrates with your existing technology is an important initial capital investment consideration, as well as how easy it will be to install and deploy.

WinScribe is built on Microsoft architecture to ensure easy integration and maintenance, and supports a wide range of manufacturer independent devices to allow you to choose digital dictation and digital transcription equipment that best suits your environment such as PCs, telephones, PDA’s, digital handheld portables, handheld microphones, notebooks and VoIP.

The WinScribe digital dictation system is a software only platform meaning you are not limited to a specific model or brand. We work closely with key manufacturers including Olympus, Philips and Grundig Business Systems.


Your traditional analog audio tapes can be lost, misplaced, accidentally erased, or broken. From a management perspective, it can also be hard to identify jobs, to estimate the total number of files or audio duration.

With WinScribe digital dictation software, digital audio files can be stored right on your computer. They do not get accidentally erased, do not wear out and do not get easily lost or misplaced and sound quality is increased. Additionally, they can be instantly sent across a network around the world, decreasing your courier costs.


Efficient management of your dictation workflow should involve streamlining your document creation process, eliminating bottlenecks and promoting work sharing.

Reporting - WinScribe's management reporting function is able to provide progress and status reports allowing you to gain control of your dictation workflow from anywhere. Management and reporting are clearly major advantages over a tape based or low-end digital system. 60 standard reports enable users and managers to see at a glance what work is in the system, identify bottlenecks, and quickly allocate work/resources where required. Extensive reporting capabilities can show system use by user, work type, backlog and productivity. This not only allows better control of workload, but is also helpful for planning and managing staff needs and assists with performance management.

Job prioritization - WinScribe's unique Intelligent Workflow Management also automatically manages the distribution and prioritization of your dictations. This enables the dictation workflow to be defined according to specific job types based upon the user, type of work, team, location, or other criteria.


Combining the flexibility of digital dictation with the performance of speech recognition has long been an objective for many organizations.

Now, with the latest developments from WinScribe and leading speech recognition engines including Nuance (manufacturers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking), this promise has become a reality enabling even greater reductions in your document turnaround time, significantly reducing the burden on your office or transcription staff and leading to even greater cost efficiencies.

Both front end (client) and back end (server) speech recognition can be combined and deployed in many different scenarios to suit individual requirements.  Server Based Recognition is carried out after the author has completed the dictation, while front end recognition is processed on each individual PC, so the author can view and edit the recognized text as they dictate.

WinScribe's optional text processing module for server based recognition also allows recognized text to be preformatted prior to proof reading to further enhance productivity.


WinScribe is an open standard based telephone and LAN/WAN/Internet digital dictation system. It is flexible and customizable for transcription services, the medical, legal, insurance, government and corporate sectors. Its success lies in its sophisticated management features.

WinScribe is designed around Microsoft Windows and SQL server technologies and is easily integrated into a business network. This means that WinScribe is not costly to implement, or to maintain.

Zephyr-TEC is a certified WinScribe partner and has been deploying WinScribe since 2001. Our customers include universities, hospitals, radiology groups, law firms and other professional corporations.  References are available.


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Success Story

resultsCapitol Ear, Nose, and Throat Benefits from WinScribe!

With 3 office locations in North Carolina, Capitol Ear, Nose and Throat has been treating patients with medical and surgical diseases of the ears, nose, and throat for over 23 years. When they were looking to update their tape system to help reduce their transcription turnaround time, they turned to WinScribe.

The Challenge - Increase dictation productivity

With 6 doctors working across 3 offices, the Capitol Ear, Nose and Throat clinic treats on average over 200 patients every day. The doctors are supported by 3 transcriptionists - 2 remotely and 1 in the Raleigh, North Carolina office.

Delays were being encountered when having to courier tapes out of the office and a solution was therefore needed that could not only decrease document transcription turnaround time, but would also bring them into the forefront of digital dictation technology. Sue Powers C.M.A, Transcription Manager at Capitol Ear, Nose and Throat admits, “We were very aware that our 20 year old analog system was becoming obsolete and that the tape system was on its way out. We knew our system needed updating.”

Although the clinic uses technologically advanced systems in other areas of its operations, it became apparent that in the area of transcription, its system was somewhat lacking. “We have been using electronic records for many, many years and we wanted to stay ahead of the curve by also updating our dictation and transcription process - that was one office operation we hadn’t really updated,” explains Sue.

The Solution – WinScribe

Sue began researching several different digital dictation systems. “We had talked about upgrading our transcription system to digital dictation because we knew we could be working much more efficiently,” says Sue.

After a careful evaluation of the different options, it was decided that WinScribe best suited their requirements. “The WinScribe system just seemed to be the easiest system to use and not only would it integrate easily into our existing programs, allow for remote working and decrease document turnaround time, but it was the most cost- effective solution,” she adds.

The decision was made to roll-out the solution company wide at all 3 office locations. “I was amazed how easy it was to implement WinScribe, particularly considering we have doctors who had been using the old system for a number of years and were a little hesitant about switching to a new system.”

The Results - Increased efficiency!

Remote working
Since implementing WinScribe, Doctors at Capitol Ear, Nose and Throat have embraced WinScribe and really like using the system. They dictate their patient reports using WinScribe’s Pocket Author application for PDA dictation and benefit from being able to dictate anywhere, any time.

My overall impression is that WinScribe is a great software application. One of my favorite features is the ability to dictate from home. I think it is an excellent piece of software and really helps improve our efficiency,” says Dr David. A Clark.

Faster report turnaround
The biggest benefit for the Doctors has been the dramatic decrease in their report turnaround time. With the old tape system, the tapes had to be couriered off site to be transcribed, causing major delays of up to several days to a week or more. With WinScribe, the patient notes can be transcribed and sent back to the doctor much faster and more efficiently. According to Sue Powers, “We can often have notes transcribed before the patient even leaves the office!

Work sharing
Another important benefit is WinScribe’s remote working and work sharing capability and being able to share jobs between transcriptionists if one of them is unavailable. “With our previous system, the need to courier some of our work off-site meant we could encounter delays of up to a week or more. With WinScribe, we no longer encounter those delays!



Zephyr-TEC Office 2007 Manuals
Available Now

Zephyr-TEC Office 2007 training manuals are now available!

Office 2007 employs a dramatic change to the user interface. Gone are many of the traditional pull-down menus and toolbar icons from earlier versions. They have been replaced by the Office Button, the Ribbon and Contextual tabs.

Zephyr-TEC's Office 2007 manuals contain step-by-step instructions and updated command sets for navigating this new interface with NaturallySpeaking. In fact, users may find navigating Office 2007 by voice less frustrating than using the keyboard and mouse. Simply say "delete table" and your work will be done no hunting around the Contextual tabs... searching... searching...

So whether you are a new Office 2007 user or have recently upgraded to Office 2007, our manuals provide valuable insights, tips, and tricks based on our own experience using NaturallySpeaking with the new Office suite.


(command sets are included with the manuals but may be ordered individually)



New Book and CD

Macros Only
(sent by email)

Fastrack 9
(Dragon and Vista)

Windows Vista, IE7, ZTEC



Spoken Word 2007

Word 2007



Future Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007



EXcelerate 2007

Excel 2007



To order Command Sets or Learning Guides visit our store
at www.zephyr-tec.com, under Training, Textbooks, or click on the links above.



Tech Tools & Tips
I don't see galleries of page numbers, headers and footers or other elements in Word 2007

numbers gallerySymptoms
You don't see items listed in any of the following galleries: page numbers, headers, footers, cover pages, equations, table styles, text boxes, watermarks, or bibliographies.

The building blocks may be unavailable because of a corrupted building blocks template.

The first step in recovering the building blocks template is to turn it on in the Word Options dialog box.


  1. In Word 2007, click the Microsoft Office Button Button image, and then click Word Options.
  2. Click Add-Ins.
  3. In the Manage list, select Disabled Items, and then click Go.
  4. If Building Blocks.dotx is listed, click it, and then click Enable.
  5. Restart Word 2007.

This might not recover the template, especially if you upgraded to Microsoft Office Word 2007 from a pre-release version. If turning on the template does not recover the template, try generating a new user copy of the template.


  1. Exit Word 2007.
  2. Do one of the following (depending upon your operating system):

In Windows Vista, click the Start button Button image, and in the Start Search box, type %appdata%, and then click Roaming.

In Microsoft Windows XP, click the Start menu another image , click Run, type %appdata%, and then click OK.

  1. Double-click the Microsoft folder, and then double-click Document Building Blocks.
  1. Look for your locale folder.

For example, the English U.S. locale folder is named 1033.

  1. Move the locale folder to your desktop.
  2. Restart Word 2007 and click a gallery, such as the headers gallery, to view the building blocks.

If the building blocks display properly, the template is recovered, and you can delete the language folder and its contents from your desktop.



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