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Hope everyone has had a nice summer!



Sizzling Summer Specials on Medical
Version 10.1 is out, and here are the savings!

If you haven't yet moved to using dictation for your medical dictation, here are four great reasons to invest in Dragon Medical - now!

#1 Eliminate transcription cost of $5,000 a year or more per physician
#2 Spend more time with patients and less time documenting care
#3 Increase your per patient reimbursement with more complete documentation
#4 Special Introductory Offer for Healthcare Providers - save big now!

And if you haven't yet upgraded to version 10, we've got five reasons why upgrading now is worth it for you:

#1 20% more accurate than Dragon Medical 9
#2 50% faster response than Dragon Medical 9
#3 Voice Shortcuts for Web Search (WebMD, UpToDate, PubMed and ICD-9)
#4 Supports Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit Editions
#5 Choice of two special offers for current Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical version 8 and 9 users.

Dragon Medical 10.1 is the only version of the Dragon family that is created specifically for clinicians and includes powerful medical documentation-specific capabilities, including:

  • HIPAA Supportive: helps meet regulations with enhanced encryption
  • EHR Support: enables dictation in text fields of your EHR.
  • Language Models: covers nearly 80 medical disciplines
  • DragonTemplates: creates Text & Graphics commands with fields
  • Regional Accent Support: improved accuracy for accented speakers
  • Medical Formatting: rules to manage abbreviations

Dragon Medical 10.1 has been designed for healthcare professionals who want:

Near real-time dictation in their EHR

Dictate anywhere you can type.  Notes are instantly complete and available for signing, printing and faxing as needed.

Voice Shortcuts for Medical web search

Physicians can now search medical data via a single command on: WebMD, PubMed and ICD-9.

Dragon Medical Templates

Includes a set of almost 30 medical macros that cover visit types and medical normals.

Microsoft Vista 64-bit Editions Support

Medical Speech Recognition for Microsoft Vista.

Specialty Vocabularies

Choose from medical vocabularies covering up to 80 medical specialties and sub-specialties.

Hidden Mode

Dictate notes in the EHR while viewing any screen.

But where's the savings?

Glad you asked. As is often the case, there are a number of options available, but it basically breaks down to getting a free PowerMic II with each order of a new license of Dragon Medical, or getting $200 off an upgrade from version 8 or 9. The Powermic is a very nice handheld microphone that we reviewed last year; it integrates quite effectively with Dragon 10, and provides excellent sound quality. The base offers are below, but there are extended discounts for OLP (volume) licensing customers - if you have questions, call us, and we'll help you figure out what is best for you.

List Price
Sale Price
You Save
Order Here!
Existing Customers
Upgrade to Version 10 from 8 or 9
Upgrade to Version 10 from 8 or 9 with PowerMic II
New Customers
Buy 5 Dragon Medical licenses - get one free!
$1599.99 per license
Call us!
Buy Dragon Medical - get a free Powermic II!

But don't wait - these specials only last through September 25, 2009. And off course, if you have any questions, please give us a call at





Summer Specials on Legal and Professional
Dammit Jim, I'm not a doctor, I'm a ...

Not to be outdone, we've got some specials on the Legal and Professional versions of Dragon as well. These are all for version 10.1 - you can get more details on what version 10 offers from our review here, and learn more about 10.1 here. We've bundled the Professional version with some of our most popular microphones - an upgraded USB headset microphone, or a handheld Philips SpeechMike, or the Olympus DS-2400 recorder, for mobile dictation.

If you're looking to try speech recognition, or have a colleague or co-worker that might be interested, take advantage of these specials - they're only here through the end of summer (September 25, 2009 specifically)!

List Price
Sale Price
You Save
Order Here!
Legal Multipacks
5 License Pack
$4979.95 ($995.99 per license)
$3375 ($675 per license)
Call us!
10 License Pack
$9959.90 ($995.99 per license)
$6500 ($650 per license)
Call us!
Professional Bundles
DNS Pro 10.1 + Upgraded USB Mic
DNS Pro 10.1 + Philips SpeechMike 5276
DNS Pro 10.1 + Olympus DS-2400 Recorder

The legal specials need to be ordered differently, which is why you'll need to call us - but then you can save now, on the software, and save later, with increased productivity!





WinScribe 4.0 Released
Dictate Faster, Transcribe Easier, Bottom Line Results ... even more so than before!

Zephyr-TEC is very excited to announce that WinScribe Dictation Version 4.0 has been released (click here if you want to read the press release). We've been blown away by the beta version and demonstrations we've seen, and are very much looking forward to getting these improvements in place for all our current and future customers.

The emphasis of this release has been almost entirely modifications driven by customer feedback (as well as the ever present changes in the underlying technology). “Continuous innovation through reinvestment into R&D means our customers always have the best product we can provide," explains Matthew Weavers, Chief Executive Officer of WinScribe. "Version 4.0 just delivers more: more productivity, more ease of use, more features and more customization opportunities."

The biggest changes are to the WinScribe Client, which now has a new appearance with the ribbon bar, similar to Microsoft Office 2007. This allows for easy visual access to many of the new features - which reduces the learning curve for users. Better yet, the display of jobs is now much more customizable - choose which columns to display, how to sort and filter jobs, and even how to group them. And the appearance is also customizable (so no, it doesn't have to be puce, like the screen shot here). Organization is a key to efficiency - getting typists working on the right jobs at the right times is a real benefit of a digital dictation system.

With 4.0, there's also much greater connectivity within the system. The notification module has been greatly improved, allowing more options and greater timeliness (though you do have to be logged into the system). You can now track who is logged in, and even chat (instant message) with other users - all within WinScribe.

Near and dear to us, of course, is that version 4.0 of WinScribe will support version 10 of Dragon, for client-side and back-end speech recognition. There are also improvements to the importer and the introduction of a USB upload from Blackberry Smartphones. From a system administration and security side, there are improvements in password creation (now allows alphanumeric characters) and control (being able to force users to change their password in a defined time span.

There are more features than we can list here, some of which are technical, but we're just very excited about this release. If you have any questions about it, please don't hesitate to contact us; we'll be contacting existing customers with specifics on how to upgrade. But it really looks good to us!




MacSpeech Dictate Gets Technical
Now offers Medical, Legal vocabularies

In July, MacSpeech Dictate announced the arrival of Medical and Legal versions of their software for the Mac computer system. These are based on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking engine, but modified for the Macintosh system.

MacSpeech Dictate Medical supports over 54 medical and dental disciplines, provides exceptional accuracy, and works with applications you already have, including MacPractice MD, DDS, and 20/20 apps; and Apple apps like Mail, iChat, iPhoto; and more. MacSpeech Dictate Medical even controls your Mac; speak a command and MacSpeech Dictate Medical executes it. MacSpeech Dictate Medical requires only minutes of training and is as intuitive to use as the Mac itself.

MacSpeech Dictate Legal supports over 30,000 legal words and terms, provides exceptional accuracy, and works with applications you already have, including word processors; billing and project tracking apps; contact management solutions; and Apple apps like Mail and iChat; and more. MacSpeech Dictate Legal even controls your Mac; speak a command and MacSpeech Dictate Legal executes it. MacSpeech Dictate Legal requires only minutes of training and is intuitive to use.

They have also released a new version of the general dictation program, MacSpeech Dictate 1.5, which understands 13 English dialect variations and provides amazing speech recognition
accuracy. It easily works with the applications you already have, including Apple apps like Mail, iChat, iPhoto, and more. MacSpeech Dictate even controls your Mac; just speak a command and MacSpeech Dictate executes it for you. MacSpeech Dictate requires only a few minutes of training and is as fun, productive, and intuitive to use as the Mac itself.

Now, a word of warning: there are still a lot of features missing from these Mac products when you compare them with the PC versions. If you're used to the powerful command making capabilities, or microphone versatility, or a host of other things that you get with Dragon 10, you may be disappointed. But if you need a dictation tool for the Mac platform, these software packages can definitely do the job.

MacSpeech Dictate Products
Order Now!
MacSpeech Dictate 1.5
MacSpeech Dictate Medical 2.0
MacSpeech Dictate Legal 2.0

If you have any questions, please give us a call:





Not sure what it means? Well stay tuned ...

With all the constant change in the field of dictation technology, we thought it would be useful to explain a few buzzwords from speech recognition and digital dictation and then give actual definitions. Here's a few more:

Windows 7: a new operating system from Microsoft, designed to replace Windows Vista. Available as a beta version right now; the full version is expected some time around the new year.

CPOE (Computerized physician/provider order entry): is defined as the computer system that allows direct entry of medical orders by the person with the licensure and privileges to do so. Allowing the doctor to enter directions for care directly on to a computer reduces handwriting errors, but more importantly gets the information into the "system", allowing others (nurses, pharmacologists, specialists) to access it easily.

CDS (Clinical Decision Support): Clinical Decision Support systems link health observations with health knowledge to influence health choices by clinicians for improved health care. In other words, using a computer database to support and influence decisions made by a doctor.

Still confused? Send us an e-mail at info@zephyr-tec.com and we'll clarify for you!



Tech Tools & Tips
Regularly using a different Microphone? No Problem ...

Your voice profile consists of a number of components - a vocabulary, a language model (the statistics behind how words are used), an acoustic model (the information on how the phonemes that make up the English language are produced), and your commands. The acoustic component, specifically, is dependent on how you pronounce things, but also on the specific characteristics of the microphone/sound system you are using - how the volume/pitch information is converted into the data that Dragon uses for recognition.

In a practical sense, what that means is that if you switch microphones, you may see lower recognition because you don't "sound" the same to the computer. But you don't really want to create a separate voice profile for every input source ... what to do?

Fortunately, Dragon 10 has a neat solution. You can specify multiple sources for the same voice profile, so that while Dragon will use different acoustic information, the language model and vocabulary and commands will all be the same. And that means that any changes you make (anything Dragon "learns") will be there when you go back to a different source.

To specify a new source, go to the Open User item on the Dragon menu. There, you can click on Source and select New and specify the type of source.

Depending on the source you choose, you can then choose whether to give Dragon an acoustic sample (that is, read to it for 5 minutes). From then on, when you open Dragon user, you will be able to choose which source you want to use for that session.

Here, I can choose whether I am using my microphone that plugs in through the microphone jack, or a USB microphone. Different acoustic input, but they will share the same vocabulary, language model, and commands. Pretty slick!


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