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WinScribe for Blackberry
Anywhere, Anytime Dictation and Review

Enabling greater collaboration, improved productivity, and responsiveness is the foundation to improved business performance. To achieve these benefits, it is important that organizations connect their mobile workforce with their core business applications such as internet, email, and dictation.

With this in mind, WinScribe, the world leading provider of digital dictation software, has developed WinScribe for BlackBerry Smartphones, a dictation application offering a sleek interface for dictating and managing dictations on BlackBerry mobile devices.

Business is becoming increasingly mobile and workers are unable to be constrained to a fixed location. Rather than carrying around several devices - laptop, digital recorder, PDA - WinScribe's key objective was to make life easier by combining accessibility of the user’s business applications and dictation into one device -a Blackberry.

WinScribe for Blackberry benefits include:

  • Anywhere, Anytime Dictation
    Route work directly to a secretary or transcription team.  Dictation can be uploaded anywhere, anytime with client demographics attached ensuring document accuracy and accelerating the transcription process.  WinScribe for Blackberry Communicates with the WinScribe Server via HTTP or HTTPS.  If the connection is not available, voice files can be stored until a connection is present.
  • Sleek, Simple Operation
    Single-handed operation and finger touch control of all dictation functions.  Options exist for record, edit, fast-forward, rewind, and job priority.
  • Easy Setup and AdministrationWinScribe's web-based administration program enables managers to access the product from any location anywhere in the world offering increased flexibility with the low cost of ownership.
  • Speech Recognition Integration
    WinScribe for Blackberry records using high-quality audio suitable for use with WinScribe's server-based speech recognition solution.
  • Streamlined Workflow
    The difference between using WinScribe for Blackberry versus using a digital portable device is that voice files recorded with WinScribe for Blackberry are uploaded immediately upon a connection being present, versus waiting for the device to be docked.  This means that wherever your authors are, dictation is immediately available to transcription staff allowing for a more streamlined workload without peaks and valleys.

Purchase options for the WinScribe for BlackBerry Smartphones application include

  • Single user annual subscription
  • Single user license
  • Site license


A BlackBerry mobile device that supports voice recording. These include:

8800 Range Series
8300 Curve
8100 Pearl
8700 Range Series
New models that support V4.2 and above

BlackBerry software Version 4.2 or higher

WinScribe Version 3.7 and or higher running on your WinScribe server

One of the following versions of SQL running on your WinScribe server: MSDE, SQL 2000 or SQL 2005.

For more information, call:





Check, check... is this thing on?
Two Great Free Microphone Promotions for DNS Medical

We’ve found these two new microphones to give excellent results, but right now, they are also part of a couple great microphone giveaways from Nuance Communications and Dictaphone. From now through March 31, 2008 with the purchase of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 5 OLP License Packs you get 5 Free PowerMic II Microphones OR 5 Free Revolabs xTag Microphones.

Dictaphone PowerMic II

Specially designed for enhanced physician productivity, the PowerMic II provides ergonomic control of both standard dictation and speech recognition functions. The PowerMic II offers simplified single-handed, thumb control operation for dictating, navigating, reviewing and editing speech recognition generated documentation.


Revolabs xTag USB Wireless Microphone

Forget the tether of a wire.  Revolabs xTag wireless lapel microphone is as small as a lipstick tube with no annoying transmitter or battery pack.  The xTag has a range of approximately 65 feet from the base unit and passes all tests with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


  • Wireless
    No wires or headset to constrain your movement!
  • Rechargeable
    The rechargeable battery provides eight hours of talk time after each full charge. The unit will be charged any time the microphone is in the Charger Base and USB cable is connected.  
  • Secure
    All of Revolabs Wireless Microphones use 128-bit encryption, so that no one can listen into your discussions.  This is critical for HIPAA-compliance for physicians using speech recognition software to record patient notes.
  • Ease of Use
    The xTag is a plug-and-play USB device that is instantly recognized by all operating systems and is immediately usable out of its box.


Order Five Dragon Medical Licenses (under the OLP program), and you get 5 microphones to go with them!

PowerMic II





DNS Medical OLP Licenses





FREE PowerMic II





Revolabs xTag





DNS Medical OLP Licenses





FREE Revolabs xTag





Hurry, offer available while supplies last!

To place your order or request more information, call:


PowerMic II and Revolabs xTag Microphones may also be purchased individually.  Call us or shop the Zephyr-TEC webstore from the links above.



MacSpeech Dictate
Your Mac Is Listening...

For years, speech recognition for the Mac has lagged behind Windows.  Poor recognition, as well as sparse and difficult to use command and control capabilities left Mac users without a viable speech option.  Well no more.  MacSpeech, developer of iListen for the Mac, announced MacSpeech Dictate at MacWorld Conference and Expo 2008, where it won Best of Show award. 

MacSpeech Dictate has been designed from the ground up.  Partnering with Nuance Communications, producers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, MacSpeech has licensed the Dragon speech recognition engine:

"We are pleased to help MacSpeech provide a dictation solution, powered by Dragon technology, to users that require a native Macintosh dictation application," explained Peter Mahoney, vice president and general manager of the desktop dictation business unit for Nuance. "MacSpeech has intimate knowledge of the Macintosh platform and deep understanding of Macintosh users. This collaboration brings an unparalleled opportunity to provide the world's best dictation technology in a solution that is 100 percent Mac."

In addition to amazing accuracy for standard dictation, MacSpeech Dictate works with applications such as Microsoft Word, QuarkXpress, etc. and Apple's applications including iChat, iPhoto, Mail and more.  Now intuitive, user-spoken commands are recognized separately from dictation, liberating the user from the need to tell the software to change modes, simplifying the experience.

To watch David Pogue, personal technology columnist for the New York Times, perform a brief demonstration of MacSpeech Dictate in action, click here.

MacSpeech Dictate requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher, including Mac OS X 10.5, and requires Intel-based Macintosh hardware.  As always with speech recognition, better hardware leads to better results.

MacSpeech Dictate will be available February 15 starting at $199.  Registered users of iListen will be able to crossgrade for $99 (unless purchased in 2008, in which case it will be $29 until April 15).  IListen has been discontinued.


For more information, call:





Success Story
Law Firm puts forward a successful case for WinScribe!

As one of the largest law firms in Indiana, Locke Reynolds attributes its success to its unique blend of experience, responsiveness and creativity in the practice of law.

The Challenge – Smoothing the Transition to New Technology

Every attorney at Locke Reynolds used an analog dictation system to take dictation; however, by 2004 this equipment was very old and was prone to failure. At that time, the firm began looking at digital solutions and the IT department became involved. Debra Himsel, Director of Technology at Locke Reynolds, was not satisfied with the digital dictation system being proposed and wanted to look at other options. “I wanted a solution that would move us forward into the 21st century without becoming an IT management or support issue.”

The Solution – WinScribe

The WinScribe Digital Dictation solution met all of Debra’s requirements so she proceeded with a 60-day trial. Five secretaries and their attorneys, a total of approximately 20 people, were involved. A range of users were recruited which included some who were technically savvy and others who were less so. She also involved some of the firm’s strongest typists in the trial in order to test the system. After 45 days the feedback was so positive that she drafted a proposal to the management committee recommending WinScribe as a replacement for their existing dictation equipment. By the end of the trial period, every member of the management committee had tried WinScribe and one of the firm’s retired attorneys who participated in the trial liked it so much that he told Debra he wouldn’t give it up!

Locke Reynolds currently has 85 authors, averaging 70 dictations per day, and 40 transcriptionists. Authors use Philips SpeechMikes or Philips Digital Portables for dictation and four telephone ports are available for telephone dictation.

The Results – Better Productivity, Control and Reliability

Implementing the WinScribe Digital Dictation solution achieved the firm’s goal of replacing its aging dictation equipment but feedback from staff is that it has achieved much more. “They feel more productive”, says Debra. “Not just because they aren’t chasing down tapes but because now they can archive jobs, assign jobs to a secretary without leaving their desk and generally manage their workflow better.” Debra says there is also a sense of comfort that tapes won’t be over-written or lost and that they can always go back into the system and check their dictation. Having access to jobs from their desktop and not having to handle tapes has made it very popular with the secretaries. “Our two Word Processors have probably noticed the improvement the most”, notes Debra, “because they touch so many people’s documents and they get all the overflow. Managing their workflow has been much easier.”



Tech Tools & Tips
Keyboard Shortcuts - Turning Them on in Vista!

By pressing keys that correspond to the underlined letters in menus, commands, or dialog box options, you can quickly select options using the keyboard, rather than the mouse.  And, of course, you'll often need this information to create Dragon macros.

If they are not already showing, you can choose to show underlined letters for keyboard navigation and input indicators (the dotted rectangles around objects) to navigate in Windows, generally with the ALT, TAB or arrow keys.  In Vista, this is done through the Ease of Access Center.

1. To open the Ease of Access Center, select

Control Panel
Ease of Access
Ease of Access Center

2. Under Explore all settings, select:

Make the keyboard easier to use

3. Under Make it easier to use keyboard shortcuts, select:

Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys

4. Select:



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