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July 2005


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Zephyr-TEC will have a booth at the following conferences.

Please come see us if you can!


·        September 14th and 15th – CPPCA 2005 Annual Conference (California Probation, Parole and Correctional Association) in South Lake Tahoe, CA

·        September 16th – ALA Region 5/6 Conference (Assoc. of Legal Administrators) in Las Vegas, NV

·        October 5th thru 7th  - PASMA 2005 Annual Conference in San Diego  (www.pasmaonline.org)

·        October 28th and 29th - OTAC 2005 Conference (Occupational Therapists Assoc. of CA) in Santa Clara, CA

·        November 2005 Washington State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Annual Conference – to be announced


Digital Dictation for the 21st Century


For the medical professional, Zephyr-TEC offers different options for dictation and transcription. From “free form” dictation (Dragon) to a fully integrated digital dictation workflow (WinScribe), Zephyr-TEC has the know-how and experience to bring you to the high-speed dictation highway!


WinScribe Network Digital Dictation Software

WinScribe is a cost-effective, Windows-based software solution for dictation and transcription. WinScribe is perfect for small clinics (3+ doctors) to large hospitals because of its scalability. It allows an author (person who dictates) to capture their dictation by just about any means (Pocket PC, digital recorder, telephone, PC) and have that dictation routed to a Typist (transcriptionist) anywhere in the world. Every phase of the dictation workflow is tracked for HIPPA – making compliance a breeze. It can integrate with your medical software (EMR, Patient Management System, etc.) and allows for data sharing between applications.



WinScribe Works the Way YOU Work

WinScribe Authors are productive using the dictation input method that best suits their dictation style. Telephone dictation, support for legacy systems, the latest digital handheld devices and the power of the WinScribe Author program (PC) come together to give Authors the benefits they need from a true open standards-based dictation workflow system. Whether at work, at home, or on the far side of the world, authors can log-in and dictate, review and modify dictation jobs, assign a priority or determine the status of any job and much more, in total confidence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The WinScribe Typist application is the window through which Typists (transcriptionists) can view and select work from the WinScribe Server. Typists can work 'on-line' or 'off-line', from anywhere they have an Internet connection or access to the LAN/WAN.


Authors and Typists can work 'on-line' or 'off-line', connect to multiple WinScribe servers as required and maintain the highest level of productivity at all times. Regardless of location, the WinScribe application serves to bring Authors and Typists into one logical room, breaking the barriers of the office walls.


Speech Recognition

Combined with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, WinScribe provides a 21st Century solution to an old time problem and can help reduce your transcription costs dramatically. With the winning combination of WinScribe and Dragon NaturallySpeaking, your dictation is automatically transcribed by Dragon BEFORE it goes to your transcriptionist or secretary. That means that 95% or more of the typing is done by Dragon, helping your transcriptionist to be more productive and, as a side benefit, reducing the typing load of your staff.


When a WinScribe Typist (transcriptionist) opens a speech recognition job, WinScribe automatically loads the corresponding text file for the Typist. As the voice file is played, WinScribe automatically highlights each word making proofreading, formatting and correcting simple and efficient. Once correction is complete WinScribe can insert the text into another application, document or document management system.


Multiple Word Processor Support

WinScribe is integrated with popular word processing packages with support for Microsoft Word and Word Perfect. It can even be programmed to open and populate templates for the transcriptionist, saving repetitive keystrokes, effort and time.


Compatibility with Legacy Systems

No retraining for the author! WinScribe supports legacy input/output devices from Dictaphone, Philips and Lanier, all transparent to the user.


Secure Internet Transport

Utilizing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, all transmissions of voice files and data between sites can be completely encrypted and unreadable to any person or group trying to "intercept" the transmission. SSL encryption is the industry standard and is commonly used in Internet applications that require security and privacy for sensitive data. WinScribe’s extensive tracking and reporting keep you HIPPA compliant!


Intelligent Job Priority & Routing

Jobs are automatically routed for speech recognition, review or transcription based on certain rules that are easy to understand, such as expected turnaround, department work type, typist group, author/typist access level and more. When required, the System Manager can easily modify these rules to ensure work priorities are met.


Greater Scalability

WinScribe is designed around Microsoft Windows® and SQL® server technologies and is easily integrated into a business network. It also means that WinScribe is not costly to implement, or to maintain--an IT manager’s dream application. WinScribe can be scaled from as little as 2 telephone ports, to 400 telephone ports, and an unlimited number of Internet/Intranet based authors and typists. This means that WinScribe is equally suitable for small practices up to the largest corporate or health enterprise, with all features included.


Olympus DS4000 Digital Recorder
and Transcription Solution

Zephyr-TEC implements dictation solutions for medical offices to take advantage of Dragon NaturallySpeaking's efficiency and replace their transcription systems. The Olympus DS-4000 digital recorder can provide a great transcription system for a small-size office. For instance, an office with 2-4 physicians and a single transcriptionist would find the Olympus DS-4000 Digital Voice Recorder and the AS-4000 Transcription Kit an excellent alternative to costly transcription services.


The Olympus DS-4000 memory cards provide over 5 hours of recording time.  With additional memory, the recorder can hold over 84 hours of recorded data for transcription by Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Organize dictation by client or patient or day of the week if you want as the recorder has 7 folders, each capable of holding as many as 199 separate dictation files.  A USB interface and a cradle for the recorder makes it easy and fast to transfer data to the PC as well as keep the rechargeable batteries fully charged. 


Using the Olympus DS-4000 in conjunction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8's 99% recognition accuracy rates and 14 specialized medical vocabularies will make transcription a breeze. The AS-4000 Transcription Kit includes the software, headset and foot controls, to accommodate the needs of the person editing the transcription.


No matter what your office size, Zephyr-TEC can improve your transcription system with speech-recognition software.


LOOK! No more wires!

Now there’s a wireless speech recognition/telephone solution for those who want to get up and GO!

Zephyr-TEC is pleased to announce our newest product, Zephyr-Talk Free, a wireless telephone/computer solution for Dragon NaturallySpeaking and WinScribe. Using the latest wireless technology from GN Netcom, an industry leader in telephone/computer headsets, you can now talk on the phone and to your computer using the same WIRELESS headset/microphone. A simple switch allows you to easily switch between telephone and computer while at your desk. And, there’s NO battery pack to wear because the battery is in the earpiece of the headset. The battery is recharged when the headset is parked in the amplifier. You will have virtually unlimited talk time.

Get up! Move around! Go get that file or make that copy while talking on the phone! Being wireless gives you the complete freedom to move around while talking on the phone – making you even more productive. And it works up to 300 feet away!

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can stand up and move around while dictating your emails or documents, allowing you to stretch out and keep limber. It’s absolutely fantastic!

With WinScribe, combining the wireless solution with a foot pedal allows completely hands-free dictation to a PC. This solution is perfect for pathologists and those medical professionals who work with their hands while dictating their findings.

The Zephyr-TEC Wireless solution costs $346.99 (plus tax and shipping) and includes:

·        Amplifier

·        AC adapter

·        Wireless rechargeable headset

·        Switch to allow the use of both the computer and telephone

·        Handset lifter – to answer phone remotely

If wireless is for you, call your nearest
Zephyr-TEC office to order yours today!




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