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ILTA 2010 - International Legal Technology Association
August 23-26, Las Vegas, NV
Come by and meet the CEO of Zephyr-TEC at the Philips Speech Processing Booth #215 and learn more about Philips SpeechExecSR Pro!




Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 11 is Coming!
Faster, Better, Simply Smarter

Upgrade Pro NowVersion 11 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been announced and will be shipping in the next couple weeks. If you've used Dragon, you know first-hand what this amazing speech recognition software can do for your business’ productivity — and ultimately, your bottom line. Well, now there’s something that can do even more: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11, the latest version of Nuance’s enterprise-ready speech recognition software for the PC. Faster, smarter and more accurate than what you’reUpgrade Legal Now using today, Dragon 11 offers new features and enhancements that will drive even higher levels of productivity and cost savings across your organization.

Key Benefits of version 11 include:

  • Up to 15% fewer speech recognition errors vs. Version 10 (up to 35-40% fewer vs. Version 9 and below)
  • Significantly faster recognition response time — as much as 500% over Version 10 — for dictation and commands
  • Simpler, more conversational process for creating a user voice profile
  • A new Dragon Sidebar that makes it easier to discover and access important, but often overlooked voice commands and tips
  • More Dragon Voice Shortcuts for searching directly within specific web sites, including Twitter, IRS.gov, and the Nuance technical knowledgebase
  • Faster, easier correction with enhanced menus
  • Improved playback with the ability to control speed and volume Upgrade Preferred Now
  • New desktop and document navigation commands that allow users to quickly switch between open windows, launch popular Windows application on demand, or scroll up and down through pages of text within Microsoft® Office 2003, 2007, and 2010 — all by voice
  • Automatic updating of voice profiles based on corrections made via keyboard for increased recognition accuracy over time
  • Simplified training and use of Dragon with digital voice recorders for greater productivity on the go
  • A richer help system that gathers all important tools and options in one place
  • Recognition analytics that alert users to audio issues so they can take corrective action for improved accuracy
  • Enhanced hardware and software support that includes Netbook computers, OpenOffice Writer, and Microsoft® Office 2010 applications

But what about Zephyr-TEC's books and macros?

ZTEC is currently finalizing production of our fabulous proprietary macros and Fastrack Learning Guide for Dragon for Version 11. We will also be releasing our new Learning Guides for Microsoft Office 2010! These will include Spoken Word, EXcelerate and Future Outlook books and macros. Watch our newsletter for when these outstanding Guides will be available.

Do I need to upgrade my computer for version 11?

If your computer was running version 10 fine, then probably not. Here's what we're recommending for version 11:

System Requirements
The install process checks that your system meets the minimum requirements; if they are not met, Dragon NaturallySpeaking will not be installed.

  • CPU: Zephyr-TEC recommends 2.4 GHz Pentium IV (or equivalent), or 1.8 GHz Dual Core (or equivalent) (SSE2 instruction set required)
  • Processor Cache: We recommend 2 MB.
  • RAM: Zephyr-TEC recommends 2 GB RAM for Windows XP and Vista, and 4 GB RAM for Windows 7 or Windows Server.
  • Free hard disk space: 2.5 GB (2.8 GB for localized non-English versions)
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Microsoft Windows Vista  SP1 and SP2, 32-bit and 64-bit
    • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and SP3, 32-bit only
    • Windows Server 2003 and 2008, SP1, SP2 and R2, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher (free download at www.microsoft.com)
  • Creative® Labs Sound Blaster® 16 or equivalent sound card supporting 16-bit recording
  • DVD-ROM drive required for installation

Sounds great - what do I do now?

If you've already got Dragon, buy your upgrade! But do it now - upgrades are on sale, but only through September 30th, 2010.

Upgrades to version 11 - On sale through September 30, 2010

Premium Upgrades are expected to ship August 3rd
Professional Upgrades are expected to ship August 18th
Legal Upgrades are expected to ship August 23rd.

Sale Price
You Save
Pref 9 or 10 to Premium 11
Pro 9 or 10 to Professional 11
Pref 9 or 10 to Professional 11
Legal 9 or 10 to Legal 11
Pro 9 or 10 to Legal 11
Pref 9 or 10 to Legal 11

And if you haven't used Dragon yet, this is your opportunity to get the best speech recognition product in the world - with newlower prices. The pricesfor the Legal and Professional versions have been lowered, making their productivity gains even more affordable than before. What are you waiting for?

Version 11 - New Licenses
Estimated Ship Date
Professional 11
August 18, 2010
Legal 11
August 23, 2010
Premium 11
August 3, 2010
Professional 11 Bluetooth
Premium 11 Bluetooth
August 3, 2010
Premium 11 Wireless
August 3, 2010
Premium 11 Two Pack
(2 licenses)
August 3, 2010
Premium 11 Five Pack
(5 licenses)
August 3, 2010

But as always with Dragon, there's a lot of choices. We here at Zephyr-TEC are dedicated to making sure you really end up with the product you need before you buy - so if you have any questions, please just give us a call!



I found Waldo
Where's Medical 11?

Vee know nothink!

There is still no word on when (or if) new versions of Dragon Medical are coming out.

And there's a reason for that: sometime in early 2008, before the release of Version 10, Nuance split their speech recognition programming and development team into two parts - Medical and Professional. Beyond the work with the basic engine, all the rest of the development of the software is done separately - so that all the tools and EMR compatibility that exist in the Medical product are there for doctors to use. This split is responsible for most of the improvements in Medical 10's formatting rules, and also for improvements to compatibility with various EMRs and health management systems.

The Medical development team is undoubtedly working on improvements to Dragon Medical 10. But since it's an entirely separate product, there's no tie between the version 11 Professional/Legal/Premium products being done and released, and when the next set of improvements for the Medical profiles, formatting rules, and compatibility checks will be done. So we really don't have any idea when the next upgrade for Dragon Medical will be ready to go.

Of course, as soon as we at Zephyr-TEC hear anything official, we'll be sure to let you all know - so watch this space!


Philips SpeechExecSR Pro
Affordable digital document creation solution

Announcing a partnership we'd like to "TALK" about!

Zephyr-TEC has always been a certified Philips partner, typically selling their popular SpeechMikes. Now, we are delighted to announce several new product additions to our family of dictation solutions:

Introducing the all new, Philips digital document creation solution

SpeechExecSR Pro 6

The SpeechExecSR Pro solution provides you with a digital document creation, dictation and transcription management platform that unites voice recording, file routing, as well as Dragon speech recognition, interfacing in one seamless solution.


SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate provides you with easy-to-use functionality for capturing your dictation and organizing recordings clearly and transparently. Dictation files and Philips Recorders Dockeddocuments can be automatically transferred via a company network, sent by email or uploaded onto an FTP server, depending on your requirements. SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate is your future-proof dictation and document creation solution.

  • Efficient handling of sound files and documents from dictation to archiving makes job retrieval simple and fastDragon
  • Job status information allows you to track work in progress
  • The complete dictation process, speech recognition and document workflow is mapped within one simple application
  • SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate supports Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Series Editions from Nuance
  • Dictate to your PC with a handheld SpeechMike, including the wireless SpeechMike AirPhilips Recorder
  • Dictate on the go with the Philips DMP9600 digital recorder


Seamless integration with SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate and Dragon, SpeechExecSR Pro Transcribe software is a powerful and user-friendly digital transcription solution that turns your computer into a highly sophisticated transcription machine, providing a whole range of benefits to the busy secretary, legal assistant or transcriptionist. It streamlines communications with the author and allows you to organize recordings clearly and transparently.

Along with a set of ergonomic accessories, including a footpedal and headset, the SpeechExecSR Pro Transcribe package is the solution that sets the pace in today's fast-moving business world.Philips Foot Pedal

  • Simple control of all SpeechExecSR transcription functions with foot control for hands-free transcription
  • Main application window displays a clear job overview of all dictation files and properties
  • Visual workflow management and job overview enables you to organize and plan your workload more efficiently
  • Automatic job notification ensures immediate notice of the arrival of a new dictation file
  • Individual sort and filter options allow organization of workload
  • Attaching a document directly to the dictation speeds up the workflow
  • Seamless integration with SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate
  • Assist with correcting and editing the Dragon pre-transcribed dictation


The Philips Digital Pocket Memo 9600 sets new standards in advanced functionality and style. Voice commands, on-board file encryption and password protection are but a few of the powerful features of the 9600. The ergonomic design lends itself to unparalleled user friendliness to create dictations, and the intuitive controls are easy to use. Coupled with SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate software and the included docking station for uploading your files, the new 9600 is the ultimate in digital dictation.Philips 9600

  • 4-position slide switch for single-handed operation
  • Docking station with USB and AC cables
  • Includes SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate software and key
  • New ergonomic design with large graphical LC display
  • Visual indicators for record status and record-level indicator
  • Robust metal casing for extra durability
  • Rechargeable batteries included
  • Fast charging via USB keeps you productive
  • File encryption prevents unauthorized access
  • DSS-Pro file encoding ensures crystal-clear recording quality
  • Voice commands, indexing, password protection and one-touch key assignment for more recording efficiency
  • ‘Smart’ buttons give you more intuitive menu choices
  • Speech Recognition Ready

With the SpeechExecSR Pro solutions, streamline document creation workflow. Use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and improve productivity too!

Give us a call at 877-49-7497 if you'd like to learn more about or see a demonstration of this cost effective, 21st century document creation solution!

Zephyr-TEC truly is the LAST word in dictation solutions!!


Success Story
A lawyer with a new lease on life

One of the realities of life is that injuries can affect anyone, anywhere. Here's the story of a lawyer, N. D., who feared his legal career might be ended by an RSI injury:

After lots of hard work, I launched my career as an attorney. One year later, I developed Repetitive Stress Injury from the poor ergonomic set up of my computer. The injury interfered with my work and I had to take a short leave of absence. After much medical treatment, my doctor suggested giving up my legal career for one that requires less use of a keyboard. I was devastated. Another doctor suggested Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Zephyr-TEC trained me thoroughly so that I could use it effectively at work and keep my career. Now, many years later and with much less time on the keyboard, my injury is much better and I am enjoying my work.

He now uses Dragon with Word, Outlook, and various web-based applications to do his casework, and has created his own voice commands to use with his templates and save him a lot of time.



Tech Tools & Tips
Quick notes on version compatibility

A brief note and reminder about some compatibility issues in this age of computer and software upgrades.

Program Works with what Dragon
Office 2010 Version 11
Office 2007 Version 9 and higher
Office 2003 Version 8 and higher
WordPerfect X5 Version 11
WordPerfect X4 Version 10 and higher
WordPerfect X3 Version 9 and higher
OpenOffice Writer Version 11
Windows 7, 64-bit Version 10.1 and higher
Windows 7 ,32-bit Version 10 and higher
Windows Vista, 64-bit Version 10.1 and higher
Windows Vista, 32-bit Version 9.5 and higher
Windows XP, 64-bit None
Windows XP, 32-bit Version 7 and higher

It's always hard to know which things work with which, but hopefully this helps you tell whether you need to upgrade, and to which version. But if you need help with your Dragon, whatever the version, don't struggle!! We offer outstanding support of Dragon and we can HELP you! Our support is fee-based and available by the hour or year. We offer a "loyal customer" discount for renewals – call us today for yours!


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