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The Future of Speech Recognition

Using Our Voices to Control Our World

Not long ago, if you saw a person talking to themselves walking down the sidewalk, you might cross to the other side.

Nowadays, more and more of us are chattering away to smartphones through wireless headsets, using our voices and technologies such as Siri to send emails, get directions and make dinner reservations.

While speech recognition has been present for years in settings such as call centers, the rise of powerful mobile devices is making voice interfaces even more useful and prevalent.

Jim Glass, a senior research scientist at MIT who has been working on speech interfaces since the 1980s, says today's smartphones pack as much processing power as the laboratory machines he worked with in the 90s.

Smartphones also have high-bandwidth data connections to the cloud, where servers can do the intensive processing involved with voice recognition and understanding spoken queries.

Nuance is at the heart of the explosion in voice technology and is widely believed to provide the speech component of Siri.

"Speech is ideally suited to mobile computing," says Vlad Sejnoha, Nuance's CTO, "partly because users have their hands and eyes otherwise occupied— but also because a single spoken command can accomplish tasks that would normally require a multitude of swipes and presses."

Nuance is now looking forward to implement speech recognition into more places including your car and your television. One technology in development, Dragon TV, allows users to put away the remote. Instead of trying to navigate through multiple confusing menus to try to find programming, simply say "Dragon TV, find Star Trek." A version of this technology is already in some televisions.

The Sync entertainment system present in current Ford automobiles already uses Nuance technology to let drivers give voice commands to access directions, weather and songs. Nuance has also introduced Dragon Drive that will let other car manufacturers enable voice control features.

"We're at a transition point where voice and natural-language understanding are suddenly at the forefront," says Sejnoha. "I think speech recognition is really going to upend the current [user] interface."



Dragon Medical and Remote Desktop

Making Dragon work in a Remote Desktop Environment

If you've ever tried to work with Dragon in a Remote Desktop window, you've probably found it frustrating.

Why's that?

Well, normally Dragon interacts with the programs running on your computer, like Word or Excel, recognizes those programs and activates the appropriate commands.

When programs are accessed via Remote Desktop-even though you're connecting to another computer and operating programs as if they were loaded locally-they aren't. Dragon sees the programs differently and many commands, especially commands for selecting or correcting text will no longer work.

In the past, a workaround was to use Dragon's Dictation Box as a dictation window and then transfer the text to the remote application.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) now includes the Dragon Client for Remote Desktop utilities that will allow users to dictate directly into remote applications and program PowerMic II buttons for use in Remote Desktop sessions.

Dragon Client for Remote Desktop can be found in a top-level folder on the DMPE DVD. The installation consists of three components:

  • Audio Setup Wizard - a stand-alone application that provides a way to check that your microphone sound levels and signal quality are suitable for using Dragon Medical Practice Edition with a remote desktop connection.
  • PowerMic II Button Control application - a stand-alone application that provides a way to customize buttons on the PowerMic II.
  • Sample VBS Script – a script to automatically launch the Audio Setup Wizard/Remote Desktop Connection


Windows Server 2008 R2

NOTE: DMPE can be installed on other operating systems, but only Windows Server 2008 R2 has the ability to enable audio redirection from a Remote Desktop connection onto the server.

Remote Desktop Connection 7 (RDP 7)

After installation of the Dragon Client for Remote Desktop, several tweaks must be made to fully enable audio and get the system running.

Zephyr-TEC has now successfully implemented DMPE's Remote Desktop on client sites leaving less frustrated clinicians happily dictating away via Remote Desktop.

If you are interested in enabling this feature, call us-we can help!



Two New Microphones
Bluetooth or desktop - we've got both kinds!

We've got a couple new microphones to tell you about - one Bluetooth, and one desktop.

The VXI Bluetooth Xpress is a very lightweight Bluetooth Headset (just 0.6 oz.) that has good noise suppression. It's designed for cell phone use, of course, but includes VXI's Xtreme Noise Suppression which does a better job of noise cancellation than most Bluetooth microphones. You can multi-pair it with both your cell phone and your computer.

It also uses wideband audio. In simple terms, wideband audio means a higher quality of voice transmission. Wideband audio transmits a much fuller range of frequencies than traditional telephone transmissions, for a clearer, more natural sound. The ultimate benefits are increased productivity, less fatigue—and more satisfied users.

And, while wearing a microphone all day is never going to be a top fashion tip, we did kind of like the looks of this one a fair amount.

The details:

  • Xtreme Noise Suppression, together with wind suppression technology eliminates background noise from any source (the Xpress eliminates 94% of all background noise).
  • Wideband audio sounds clear and natural, for better communication and fewer misheard words.
  • A2DP to use with GPS, music players, laptops and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Multipoint pairing lets you use both your work and personal cell phones or connect to a Bluetooth-enabled PC.
  • Over 7 hours of talk time on a single charge means the BlueParrott Xpress is ready when you are.
  • 128-bit data encryption keeps your calls secure.
  • Wireless range of up to 66 feet gives you twice the wireless freedom of most other Bluetooth devices.
  • One-touch multifunction button controls on/off, call answer/end and pairing.
  • Voice prompts mean no more wondering what the coded “beeps” mean.
  • One-year warranty.

All this for just $119.99 - interested? Click here to buy now, or give us a call at 1-877-493-7497.

We've also got a new desktop microphone - the second generation of the 3-in-1 TableMike. This multipurpose microphone is created for Speech Recognition, Voice and Music Recording, and High Definition Voice over IP. It was designed in partnership with an international group of individuals with unparalleled experience in microphone technology and speech recognition.

The 3-in-1 refers to the following:

  1. Desktop Microphone with USB interface and standard input and output Sound ports
  2. Detachable and interchangeable flexible microphone boom (38 cm or 15") for easier removal, portability and storage
  3. Industry first integrated 'Speech Equalizer' & 'Amplifier (AGC)' for superior performance with voice applications and Wideband or High Definition VoIP

This is a really nice, high quality desktop microphone. It's not cheap at $279, but the benefits and comforts of not having a headset can be significant. Click here to buy now - or

Call Now - 1-877-493-7497



Sizzling Summer Specials
Save on Dragon Medical

Newsletter Only Specials on Dragon Medical! You won't find lower prices on Dragon Medical anywhere - and they are only available here, through our newsletter!

The latest member of the Dragon Medical family, it's designed and priced especially for smaller practices, to help clinicians accelerate adoption of their chosen EHR. Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition ensures clinicians document care more completely and "in their own words". Clinicians using Dragon Medical solutions have experienced substantially greater satisfaction than clinicians who use the EHR without Dragon Medical.

Now, you can get the best Medical speech recognition software out there - with or without the excellent hand held PowerMic II - and with or without Software Maintenance, ensuring you any software upgrades released in the next year. Click the links below to order now!

Software Cost With Maintenance
Dragon Medical Practice Edition $1439.99
Buy Now
Buy Now
Dragon Medical Practice Edition with PowerMic II $1739.99
Buy Now
Buy Now
* This offer expires 8/31/2012

Don't Miss this Special!



Dragon/Transcription with an iPhone
I talk to my iPhone - then what happens?

We'll start with the first blanket statement: Right now, there is no way to do speech recognition on a smartphone or iPad. The processors in these devices just aren't fast enough to do the analysis needed.

But, you say, what about Siri? Or Dragon Dictation?

Ah, here's the hidden truth: those apps don't actually process the speech on the iPhone - they transmit the sound to servers in the cloud, and the results are transmitted back. And there are currently no systems that will do that for a medical dictation.

But we have a solution for you - the Philips Dictation Recorder. This is a high quality recorder app for the iPhone/iPad/BlackBerry (and coming for the Droid in late summer). You dictate, and then the dictation is securely sent to the recipient via Philips' server.

If you want those dictations to run through Dragon, you need to have SpeechExec Transcribe set up to "receive" the incoming dictations. Once received, the dictation will be automatically run through Dragon. Then you (or the transcriptionist) can correct the text from Dragon and put it into the EMR, or document, or wherever it needs to go.

But what if you don't want to do it yourself? And you don't have a transcription company already? Zephyr-TEC has developed a strategic partnership with Eagle Eye Transcription (website here) that may be of interest to you - give us a call and we can work out all the details.

Use your iPhone for dictation - give yourself the flexibility to work wherever, whenever you need.

Call Now - 1-877-493-7497



Success Story
Multi-Lingual Doctor Makes Himself Understood-
and Productive-with Dragon

I am Dr. Nagi Ibrahim MD.

I am fluent in Dragon. I have the gift of speaking 4 languages; however I never learned to type or spell right fast enough!

As a busy physician in the world of electronic medical records, I have to type all my orders, reports and prescriptions (which is a lot!!!) I used to spend hours and hours typing and correcting my spelling just to finish one day's work.

One solution was to hire a transcription service which charges so much per page, while reports are ready the next day in best case scenario. The other solution was to simply download Dragon Medical Speech Recognition into my PC.

Dragon Medical recognizes my spoken words and even my accent. Dragon transcribes my reports in the right spelling into the electronic medical records as soon as I finish speaking. Now I can type and send reports and prescriptions even before patients leave my office. Dragon has saved my life. I would have spent many after hours and weekends trying to finish my reports.

Thank you Dragon!

- Nagi Ibrahim, MD

This Success Story is reprinted from the "I Speak Dragon" web page. "I Speak Dragon" is a contest held annually by Nuance Communications for users to relate their experiences with NaturallySpeaking.

To read more success stories, go to Nuance's forums here.



Tech Tools & Tips
Have Dragon Look through Your Documents to Get to Know You Better

You can jumpstart your Dragon recognition by using the Learn from Specific Documents wizard. Learn from Specific Documents allows Dragon to analyze documents of your choosing, unlike the analysis tool in the New User Wizard which only looks at documents from the My Documents folder.

The wizard can not only identify new words to be added to Dragon's vocabulary, it can also be set to adapt to your writing style—which words you use, how frequently you use them and how they are used in conjunction with other words—giving Dragon a predictability about the types of things you might say.

To open the Learn from Specific Documents wizard, choose: Vocabulary > Learn from specific documents…

On the first screen, check whether or not you want Dragon to analyze your writing style. If you're just showing Dragon a list of words (like names or acronyms) to add to the vocabulary, you would not check this option.

On the next screen, browse for the folders or the documents for Dragon to analyze. Formats Dragon can analyze include; .txt, .rtf, .doc, and .html files among others.

When the analysis is complete, you will be shown words that Dragon perceives to be new words to be added to the vocabulary. Choose from this list carefully. Dragon can find misspelled words or regular text words that are simply capitalized, like "To" in the screenshot below. Usually it's best to choose "Uncheck All" and then carefully check only the words you want to add.

After selecting words to add to the vocabulary, you will be given a chance to train the words. Here, you should choose "Check All" and then "Train" so Dragon gets your acoustic sampling as to how you pronounce these words.

After training, you will be shown a summary screen and you're finished.

Dragon will have learned more about you and you'll be on your way to better recognition!


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