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Announcing Dragon 11.5

Improved NaturallySpeaking for Social Media and Beyond

Nuance has just announced the release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 11.5!

You may wonder… why such a fuss over a point release?

This release is more than just a collection of bug fixes. It offers a host of new features and enhancements.

As always, recognition and speed have been improved. New voice commands have been added for popular Internet applications, allowing users post to Facebook or Twitter more efficiently. Perhaps most significantly, new audio input options are included which allow users to set up their existing iDevices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) as wireless microphones.


Remote Microphone:
Most customers use Dragon by speaking directly to their computer using the microphone included with their Dragon software purchase. But some users can be frustrated by wearing a headset that tethers them to the PC. With the introduction of the FREE Dragon Remote Microphone application (available in the Apple App store), users can achieve the same great accurate transcription using a device many already have: their iPhone!

The Dragon Remote Microphone app converts a user's iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4, iPad and iPad 2 or iPod Touch 4th gen running iOS 4.2, or later into a wireless microphone via WiFi. For the absolute best recognition when dictating to your iDevice,, particularly your iPod or iPad, we strongly advise the purchase of a "lollipop" noise canceling microphone which will plug directly into the headset port ($29 from Zephyr-TEC, Philips LFH9171).


New Facebook and Twitter Commands:
Users can easily update Facebook by saying "Post to Facebook."

If this is the first post created with Dragon, you will be asked to log into Facebook using Dragon Speech.

Subsequent messages will be posted directly to Facebook, with no need to have Facebook actually open.

Tweets are quickly captured by voice: a user selects dictated or typed text, and says "Post that to Twitter."

The new "Quote that" and "Bracket that" commands can be applied to the last utterance or current selection.

In addition, the new "Empty Quotes" and "Empty Brackets" commands can be used if a customer knows ahead of time the next utterance should be quoted/bracketed.


Handling Multiple Matches in Text:
Dragon 11 introduced the ability to quickly and easily apply correcting, formatting and editing commands to one or all items when the command could apply to multiple instances of text. Version 11.5 introduces a new "Undo all" command. The new command is active only immediately after the user gives a "Choose all" command.


Revised Dragon Sidebar:
The sidebar can now be resized to take up less room on the screen and contains even more information and links to assist users.

More Usable Spelling Window:
The Spelling Window is now resizable horizontally and delivers more readable options for alternate words and phrases.


Enhanced Recorder Enrollment:
The minimum reading time required to train Dragon with a recorder was reduced from 15 to 4 minutes in Dragon 11. Version 11.5 now improves the enrollment user interface, guiding the user through a simplified, clear set of instructions to set-up Dragon for use with a portable device.

Enhanced Recorder Transcription Experience:
A simplified user interface improves the transcription workflow and helps the user understand how to use Dragon to transcribe, including options that will affect the transcription process.


Dragon 11.5 adds support for even more applications and operating systems including:

Internet Explorer 9
Windows Live Mail 2011 (V15)
OpenOffice Writer version 3.3
Windows 7 SP1
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1


Improved Enterprise Profile Management:
Dragon 11.5 provides an option to save a "roaming" profile locally vs. on the network. This option enables users to benefit from "roaming" features without being forced to save through a potentially slow network connection. Dragon 11.5 informs the user about the time required to save on the current network (estimated time based on changes to be saved and network speed).


If you have Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Premium, Professional or Legal, you are entitled to a FREE update to version 11.5! This FREE update will be available as a download in the coming weeks. Zephyr-TEC will send an e-mail to its customers once the link is available from Nuance.

If you registered your Dragon software, you will receive a notification when the download is available.






Upgrade $149.99
$99.99* from DNS 9 or 10 Preferred
$199.99* from
DNS 9 or 10 Professional
$299.99 $199.99* from DNS 9 or 10
Purchase New License $199.99 $599.99 $529.99** $799.99 $699.99**

* SALE! This is a limited time offer on upgrades to celebrate the release of 11.5 - but it won't last forever, so take advantage now!

**Zephyr-TEC Spring Fling Special through June 29

But give us a call if you have any questions about what is right for you:



Current Specials

Spring Fling & Swap to the Top

By popular demand, we've extended Zephyr-TEC's Spring Fling specials to run through June 29 in hopes that the cool spring weather will last a bit longer …

Swap to the Top

Now through June 20th 29th, you can save $25 off the Philips 9600 DPM by trading in an old (working) recorder. If you're looking at a new dictation solution for yourself or your company, this could be a nice chunk of change to save - but only if you act fast. Call us now to upgrade and save but do it this Spring!


Spring Fling Starters

Spring is a time for growth, for change - and what better than to move to a more efficient way of working? We've bundled Dragon NaturallySpeaking -all three flavors - with our professional services to get you up and running quick. Software, four hours of services (installation, training), and telephone technical support - all in one nice bundle. And through June 20th 29th, these great packages are discounted 10%, as part of our special Spring Fling discount program.

Your Cost
You Save  
DNS Professional +
4 hours Professional Services + Remote Support
DNS Legal +
4 hours Professional Services + Remote Support
Dragon Medical +
FREE PowerMic II +
1 yr Software Maintenance +
4 hours Professional Services + Remote Support

Of course, these are just "starter" packages, and we can easily add in other items if you want - recorders, handheld mics, other software (like SpeechExec or Frisbee) -whatever fits your need. Just give us a call and we'll build these packages into something that fits you to a T! Call now, so you can enjoy the fruits of your new labor this summer!




Winscribe for Android
Work Smarter - "Smart is the New Pretty"

Winscribe for Android allows you to use your Android enabled phone to create dictations effortlessly, send them instantaneously for transcription and review completed documents on your smartphone, all while on the move. Pretty smart actually!

The application is available as a FREE download from the Android market site. Once downloaded the application can record and store dictation jobs.

NOTE: You must have either Winscribe OnDemand or a Winscribe server license to be able to fully utilize Winscribe for the Android. Please contact us for additional information on how to streamline your digital document creation workflow with Winscribe!

Use your Android smartphone's touchscreen to create dictations with ease

  • Winscribe's intuitive user interface with specialized ergonomic design prevents mistyping and user fatigue
  • Authors can create and send dictations their desired transcriptionist with just a few clicks
  • True single-handed operation, you can use your other hand to carry out other tasks

Barcode scanning technology to further automate your dictation process

  • Authors can gather patient/client information by scanning a barcode, QR code or data matrix and attach dictations directly to this record without having to use the Android's soft keyboard
  • IT managers can use a QR code to set up the server, saving time by not having to enter server addresses manually
  • Allows the user to import complex information into the application even more quickly, saving time and improving efficiencies

Geo-location functionality and the ability to attach pictures

  • Allows an author to append his exact location and relevant pictures to a dictation
  • Can be used in many ways, e.g. insurance companies can send out their investigators to accident sites to create dictations on the move, complete with photos and exact location of the incident
  • Mobile doctors/ambulance staff can document the location of an incident while carrying out dictations
  • A picture says a thousand words

Secure transmission of files via HTTPS protocol

  • IT managers do not have to set up and maintain a network of VPN connections, which reduces admin overheads and saves time
  • Ensures client confidentiality, security of patient records, secure handling of cases/other types of confidential data

Enhanced visibility and control over your dictation workflow

  • Instant feedback that job has been received. Wireless transmission means jobs are available to transcribe right away, eliminating peaks and troughs in the transcription workload
  • Progress feedback as the author sees the job typed and completed. Typist can send back typed DOC or PDF to be reviewed directly on Android smartphone
  • Ensures that important documents are completed on time and that authors have early access to completed documents, even while on the move
True dictation workflow automation
  • Winscribe integrates seamlessly with external databases and other systems you are currently using, such as billing platforms, document management systems, RIS, PACS, and other accounting or data management systems.
  • Speech Recognition can convert up to 99% of voice input to text automatically.
  • Documents can be pre-populated with demographic information, saving valuable time and improving operational efficiency.

DON'T FORGET: Winscribe also has applications for the BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad as well! Get mobile today with Winscribe or Winscribe OnDemand!


Success Story
It's an iPad, It's a Wireless Microphone - It's Both!

Recently, our very own President and CEO Renee Griffith was involved in beta testing Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5. Renee of course is a seasoned Dragon user (using speech recognition since 1993) and has seen Dragon improve and evolve through the years. Every once in a while a feature is added that can change the Human/Dragon interface in unexpected ways. Renee found such a feature in the new Dragon Remote Microphone app.

The Remote Microphone app lets you dictate to and control your PC applications using your iPhone or iPad as a wireless microphone. Says Renee, "When I first saw that feature I thought to myself, now who would use their iPhone or their iPad to dictate to their computer that's in front of them? But I found out when I was at a reseller event in Chicago that it was quite a nice feature."

"I used the Remote Mic with the iPad and found its accuracy to be good and the convenience was very nice. Whenever we had breakout sessions, I simply picked up the iPad, engaged the microphone and dictated my e-mails. I did not have to get out my headset or my handheld mic to do it. Look Ma, no wires!"

Renee found the Remote Microphone setup process very easy and intuitive. She advises, "To use Remote Microphone, you'll need to install NaturallySpeaking 11.5 on your PC. Then, both the PC, and the iPhone or iPad MUST be connected to the same WiFi network."

"There's absolutely no need to create a special profile-just launch the Dragon on your PC and add: Dragon Remote Microphone App as a dictation source from the Profile menu. You may also need to install Bonjour for Windows which lets your device find your computer automatically."

"After launching the Dragon Remote Mic app, select your PC, and your Dragon remote profile will be displayed. Then just click the button to speak into the microphone on your iPhone, iPod or iPad."

Renee has had to uninstall the beta version of Dragon 11.5 but, she's anxiously awaiting the free 11.5 download that will be available to registered users in the next couple of weeks. Renee laments, "I miss the ability to talk to my iPad."

So, you can teach an old boss new tricks!



Tech Tools & Tips
Adobe Reader X and NaturallySpeaking Conflict

If you have recently downloaded Adobe Reader X (Adobe Reader Version 10), one of the following errors may appear when making corrections or using other Dragon commands:

Sendkey: Invalid Key
Com returned an unexpected error code HOOKKERR_NONOTIFY

To avoid this conflict, use the following steps to disable "Protected" mode within Adobe Reader X:

• Start Adobe Acrobat X
• Go to: Edit > Preferences > General Tab
• Uncheck: Enable Protected Mode at startup

If disabling the Protected Mode does not resolve the problem, we recommend removing Adobe Reader X and installing Adobe Reader Version 9 by going to:


Note: With Protected Mode disabled, some Assistive Technologies such as screen readers may not be able to read some document content.


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