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Dragon Medical & Voice Productivity
3/22/2012, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
Death of the Cassette Tape
3/27/2011, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
Dragon Medical & Voice Productivity
3/29/2012, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
Death of the Cassette Tape
4/5/2011, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register


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The Magic of Voice Productivity

How to get your notes into a report faster than you can say duodenum!

That is a fully rewound cassette tape. Two quick questions:

1. How many dictations are on that tape?

2. What is their priority?

If those questions (and issues they raise) sound familiar, keep reading ...

Sometimes, you're away from the office, but you've still got reports to get done. Two more quick questions:

1. How far can you throw a tape?

2. How much is a shorter turn-around time worth to you?

If these questions sound like something you've griped about, then you want to look at the Philips Voice Productivity solutions offered by Zephyr-TEC.

Voice Productivity is all about how your words get turned into finished documents or get uploaded to your EMR - quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Built around Philips SpeechExecSR and Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Voice Productivity streamlines communication between authors and transcriptionists, secretaries or office assistants.

Imagine being able to automatically route dictation files from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, BlackBerry, PC, tablet or digital recorder, and have that dictation automatically run through Dragon Medical Practice Edition and then made available to a predefined transcriptionist, secretary or office assistant to edit and finalize the document or transfer to the EMR.

Voice Productivity means you Dictate, Dock it, Dragon transcribes it, a human being edits and finalizes it.

And best of all, you can still use Dragon Medical for direct dictation into your EMR, e-mail or other applications when you want. This provides you with the best of all worlds in terms of capturing and documenting your patient encounters.

SpeechExec's security encryption protects your data from unauthorized access, from start to finish. Because everything is digital, there is no longer any need to worry about misplaced physical files or tapes. Now users can access data via any PC and work on/or offline, at home, in the office or even on a remote island.


  • Faster document turnaround time
  • Instant access to documents and progress status
  • Online and offline modes minimize network traffic and costs
  • Automate workflow to gain efficiency
  • Support of mobile authors and external transcription services
  • Expandable for up to 25 users

The combination of Philips SpeechExecSR Pro workflow software and Dragon Medical Practice Edition brings you Voice Productivity, a future proof technology that is cost effective, highly customizable and very affordable. SpeechExecSR Pro Dictate software comes with the top of the line Philips DPM9600 digital recorder (software also available separately). The SpeechExec Transcription Kit includes SpeechExecSR Pro Transcribe, a 4-pedal foot control and stereo headset.

These SpeechExecSR Pro products together cost around $900 (excluding tax, shipping) but your return on investment is a matter of months! Dragon Medical Practice Edition is sold separately – ask us about bundled pricing! SpeechExecSR Pro also supports Dragon Medical 10.1, Dragon Professional 10/11 and Dragon Legal 10/11.

If you are seeking an enterprise solution, SpeechExec Enterprise is the "big brother" of SpeechExec Pro software and is scalable and customizable to just about any size organization or enterprise. We do offer "test drives" of our Enterprise products and solutions – just ask!

Let us help you with your Voice Productivity today. Give us a call, or join us at one of the webinars below!

Dragon Medical & Voice Productivity
3/22/2012, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
Death of the Cassette Tape
3/27/2011, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
Dragon Medical & Voice Productivity
3/29/2012, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
Death of the Cassette Tape
4/5/2011, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register

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March Deals are Everywhere

Can't swing a baseball bat without hitting a deal ...

As you've probably figured out, Zephyr-TEC is a Value Added Reseller for a number of products - Nuance, Philips, etc. We understand these products, and have the expertise to help you pick the right solution and get it up and running.

It so happens that almost all our partners are offering specials this month - so many that we needed an entire article to list them all! If you've been looking at one of these products, but waiting for a special - here it is - but get moving - these specials end on March 30, 2012.

You Save Products Costs
$549 Dragon Medical Starter Package
Includes Dragon Medical Practice Edition, FREE PowerMic ($424 value), UPS 3-day shipping (excludes Hawaii and Alaska), configuration and setup, training. and one year of support! The most affordable Dragon medical package on the planet!
Regular cost: $2823.99
You Pay: $2274.99
Buy Now
$100 Dragon Medical Upgrade
Upgrade from Dragon Medical 9, 10, Small Practice to Dragon Medical Practice Edition
Regular cost: $599.99
You Pay: $499.99
Buy Now
$299 Philips Speech Recorder Bundle
includes Dragon Professional 11.5 with the Philips DPM 9600 digital recorder (comes with the recorder, docking station, USB cable, AC adapter, rechargeable batteries, SpeechExec SR Pro dictate software and a two-year warranty).
Regular cost: $1098
You Pay: $799
Buy Now
$150 Philips SpeechMike Bundle
Dragon Pro with Philips SpeechMike III: Dragon Professional 11.5 with the Philips SpeechMike III slide switch or push button handheld microphone. Add the SpeechExec Pro Dictate SR (speech recognition) module for just $99 and you have the world's best workflow for voice productivity!
Regular cost: $989-$1108
You Pay: $839-958
Call to specify your options

There's plenty there to think about, but if you have any questions, or prefer talking to real live person, just give us a call:



Success Story
SpeechExec Enterprise - "Force Multiplier" for an Ohio Law Firm

Faruki, Ireland & Cox PLL a Dayton, Ohio-based law firm, had used the same antiquated tape-based dictation system since the founding partners opened the doors in 1989. "We really didn't think about new options for dictation," says John K. Kendall, Executive Director. "The equipment was reliable and everyone knew how to use it."

This "if it's not broken, don't fix it" attitude was effective until the system started to break down. Kendall says a significant pain point was encountered in 2007 when the analog equipment began to fail, and staff found replacement parts expensive and hard to come by.

In addition, the firm recognized that the old system hampered productivity for younger associates. "The attorneys we hired right out of law school were tech-savvy," Kendall explains. "They could not be convinced to use a dictation system based on 40-year-old technology. They were certain they could type their own work faster than they could dictate it, arrange for tape delivery and have the files transcribed."

While assessing its options, leadership was introduced to Philips' SpeechExec Enterprise, a system wide model that enables voice files to be automatically transferred through the firm's network, sent by e-mail or uploaded onto an FTP server. In addition, the technology allows access to the Web to transfer dictation voice files and attached documents.

Marc Amos, an associate with the firm and a heavy dictation user, was among the first to begin using the digital system. He likes the fact that attorneys simply insert their recorder into their PC or a docking station, and dictation is electronically uploaded for transcription. "If we can't access the Internet for some reason," he adds, "the system offers call-in capability for uploading voice files. In the past, we'd have to dictate into our secretary's voice mail, with our head cocked into the phone."

Characterizing the Philips technology as an "absolute force multiplier," Amos adds that he appreciates the ability to insert additional information or instructions right in the middle of a file without recording over previous dictation. "I don't have to tack comments on the end of the dictation or tape any longer. I can simply go back to the point in the file where I need to add something and insert it."

This functionality proved to be highly valuable not long ago when Amos needed to draft a lengthy pleading. "I was able to create an outline and rough out the general content at one session, and then go back to finalize it later. This would typically have taken me about 4 days to complete in the past. With Philips technology, I cut that time in half."

"The Philips SpeechExec Enterprise system offers such a wide variety of features" Kendall adds. "In our business, it is important that we stay on top because our clients stay on top. Philips helps us do that. I honestly don't know how we survived so long without it."


Not sure what it means? Well stay tuned ...

With all the constant change in the field of dictation technology, we thought it would be useful to explain a few buzzwords from speech recognition and digital dictation and then give actual definitions. Here are some terms bandied about in Digital Dictation discussions.

DPM–Digital Pocket Memo
Easy-to-use, handheld digital recorder to replace cumbersome analog tapes.

EOL-End of Letter:
Button on your DPM which takes you to the end of your dictation, marks it finished and opens a new empty file.

SP-Standard Play
Recording format on the DPM that provides excellent audio quality. It is the recommended format for speech recognition processing.


Tech Tools & Tips
Not Sure How to Pronounce Something-Let Dragon Help

If you've ever come across a word or a person's name that you're just not sure how to pronounce, Dragon can help (or at least tell you how Dragon thinks it should sound so that when you dictate it, Dragon will write it correctly).

To use Dragon's screen reader function, first select the text. Say: read that or on the Dragon bar, choose: Audio > Read That.

Dragon's default screen reader voice "Jennifer" will pronounce the word for you.


Dragon will only read editable text. For instance, if you want it to read an e-mail out loud to you, you will have to choose reply or forward to open the e-mail for editing. Then, you'll be able to successfully select the text and say: read that.

To change the pitch or speed or synthesized voice, on your DragonBar choose: Tools > Options > Playback/text-to-speech.


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