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Dragon 13 Review
It's Been out for A While Now-How Is It?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version 13 was released in July 2014. Among the promised features were improved accuracy, enhanced web support, greater support of web applications such as Gmail or Outlook.com, friendlier user interface, easier profile creation, and a host of other things.

So… how did they do?


First and foremost, Nuance always touts greater accuracy with any new release. While it would take a lot of testing and number crunching to actually verify this claim, I will say that it "feels" like I'm getting better accuracy with Version 13. And, if Dragon does misunderstand something, when I make my correction, Version 13 seems to learn more readily than previous versions.


I don't have the latest and greatest computer. I spend most of my day on a Windows 7, i5 laptop, 2.60 GHz which now has 8 GB of RAM (thanks boss). I have to say, Dragon Version 13 does seem much more responsive. I can talk more quickly and words appear more quickly than using the same system with Version 12.


With Version 12, my Internet Explorer 10 was constantly crashing. I would have to end task on it all the time. This issue seems to have gone away with Version 13 — thank goodness.


Nuance has introduced a totally redesigned DragonBar with a great big microphone icon. The new DragonBar will auto collapse when you're not using it to take up less room on your screen.

I can see the appeal of this for tablet or other touchscreen users-tap the big red microphone and talk. However, sitting here with a regular monitor and being set-in-my-ways, I prefer the "classic" DragonBar. Fortunately, Nuance lets me switch back to my retro look.


In addition to being more stable on the web, Version 13 has greater compatibility with the usual Internet browsers-Internet Explorer, Firefox and now Google Chrome which was virtually unusable with previous versions of Dragon.

In all of the browsers above, you can now choose hyperlinks by voice. You will have to first enable the Dragon plug-in but that only takes a moment.

NOTE — to previous Dragon users. In the past when Dragon would number multiple matches for link names, you could just say the number you wanted.

Now you MUST say "choose <number>."


Another huge plus, Version 13 supports full text control in Gmail and other web-based mail like Outlook.com. This means, you can dictate into text fields and Dragon will be able to track that text. If you need to select or correct something or apply some basic formatting like bold, no problem.

You can now reliably say commands like "select yippee", "bold yippee", "underline yippee", etc. (Another advantage to having full text control, recognition always has seemed to be better in full text control fields).

There is one glaring disappointment to using Dragon 13 on the web. This is a little hard to explain so if your eyes start glazing over you can skip this part.

In the past on Internet Explorer pages, some text fields might not have supported full text control but you could still dictate into those fields.

With Version 13, Nuance has decided to add the "feature" (I'm not being snarky, these are their words) of making Dragon more predictable by turning off the ability to dictate into some non-full text control fields. They believe we should bring up the Dictation Box-or have it automatically popup which is the default setting-so that we will have a more consistent user experience.

So - this means even if you only want to say one word into a text field you are now expected to open Dictation Box, dictate the word and transfer it back to the Internet window. This is my biggest con of Dragon 13 Pros and Cons.

In the screenshot below, I have my cursor in "Meeting topic." I look at my DragonBar and I see that the little checkmark on the DragonBar is white and not green. Seeing this, I know I don't have full text control in this text field. With Version 12, I was able to dictate into the field anyway. With Dragon 13, I cannot.

Nuance, trust me to understand that all of your correction and selection features may not work in this text field but allow me to dictate directly into the field anyway-PLEASE!


There are plenty of other things to like about Version 13.

  • It's even easier to set up your profile-you aren't required to read even the short four-minute training text any longer.
  • More sound sources are supported including built-in microphones-which will help tablet users (although, it is always preferable to use a headset).
  • Greater support for the Windows 8 operating system.
  • In Vocabulary Editor, you can search for the Written Form of a word or the "Spoken Form" of a word.

Overall, Dragon Version 13 has lived up to its expectations. Nuance continues to make voice recognition faster, more accurate and easier for the end user to set up and use.



Announcing SayIt 9.3
If You Can Type into It, Why Not SayIt?


nVoq, makers of SayIt™, have released Version 9.3. SayIt 9.3 includes many new features and functions to improve your productivity.

SayIt is a true cloud-based speech recognition solution that converts speech to text. It also supports command and control through voice, or through voice-less "popup" shortcuts.

SayIt can be accessed from anywhere - from home, while traveling, and in multiple clinics – anywhere there's an Internet connection. There's nothing to install on the desktop, and no limit to the number of devices you can use.


PDF Viewer

SayIt now has a "PDF Viewer" that can open a PDF file automatically in a built-in viewer when users log into SayIt.

This feature can be used for end-user training or to disseminate organizational information or announcements that you want to make known to a group of users.

Popup Shortcuts

Popup shortcuts allow users to run shortcuts without recording a voice command-no microphone is required. Users can press the {F4} key on the keyboard and then use arrow keys or mouse clicks to select and run the shortcut.

Template Shortcuts

New template shortcuts will open the Select-and-Say window and automatically insert a template into it. Templates can include bracketed fields for easy navigation. Template shortcuts can be created in SayIt Administrator but Power users can also create their own template shortcuts directly in SayIt.

Record the Pronunciation of New Words Using Your IOS Microphone

You can now record the pronunciation of a new vocabulary word using your iOS device. In the SayIt My vocabulary Tool, type in the written form and press the Record Spoken Form button Your phonetic pronunciation appears in the Spoken Form field

Android Wireless Microphone App

SayIt 9.3 is the 1st release to support dictation for Android. This app is for dictation only. Shortcuts, Select and Say and profile set up are not yet supported. For the initial release, the app is not yet available in the Google Play Store. Until it is, you will need to get the install file at: http://nVoq.box.com/droid

Handheld Microphone Button to Open Select and Say Window

Handheld microphone users can now use the same button that "Accepts" a dictation to open the Select and Say window.

Alternate Spoken Forms for Voice Commands

SayIt Administrators can now create alternate ways of saying a single shortcut. Phonetic pronunciations can be added or simply different voice commands can be used for the same shortcut.

There are a host of other new features for both end users and administrators.

  • Easier profile set up and training
  • More control for administrators over end-user feature visibility
  • Better usage report generation
  • Administrators can schedule workflow automations to run when end-users spark an event with a new "Triggers" feature
  • Improved features to find and remove unwanted words from end-users transcripts to create better profiles

See for yourself the difference SayIt 9.3 can make in your practice. Contact us now at info@zephyr-tec.com or give us a call:




Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac, Version 4
Spend Less Time Typing and Clicking and More Time with Patients


Today's busy clinicians face many challenges. How to…

  • Meet meaningful use timelines
  • Be as efficient as possible using an EHR
  • Maintain high quality patient notes
  • Maintain patient volumes
  • Maximize practice revenue

Nuance Communications has released Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac, Version, 4®, a substantial improvement over Version 3.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac now supports OS X Yosemite® (10.10) and offers improved accuracy and faster performance for more than 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac streamlines documentation workflow by allowing clinicians to dictate appointment and clinical notes directly into electronic health records (EHRs), such as MacPractice - the most widely used Mac-based EHR.

"Clinicians enter the medical field to make a difference in patients' lives – not to push paper. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac gives medical professionals back the time in their day to stay focused on patient care," said Peter Mahoney, Nuance's chief marketing officer and general manager for Dragon. "Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac is a fast and accurate tool that reduces the daunting task of medical recordkeeping for sole practitioners and small medical offices who see high volumes of patients and need to document care quickly and accurately within their normal workflow."

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac adapts to a clinician's voice and words over time, ensuring greater accuracy of patient details and information.

Because speaking is up to three times faster than typing, clinicians can capture important patient and symptom details without having to click on checkboxes or dropdown menus, allowing more time for delivering patient care.

Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac also gives clinicians the flexibility to add custom words unique to their location or patients, or custom voice commands to execute multiple steps with a simple voice command.


Support for OS X Yosemite 10.10

  • (In addition to OS X Mavericks 10.9)

More accurate and faster

  • Higher accuracy with drastically reduced latency and faster editing using improved memory management capabilities.

Updated medical vocabularies

  • Better performance and improved recognition for over 90 medical specialties
  • New support for "General English" vocabulary.
  • A General English profile can be created for greater accuracy when dictating outside of medical work, such as for personal use

More control within applications

  • Compose and reply to emails in Gmail™ using full text controls, dictating directly into the email without having to transfer text. (More here)
  • In Safari® and Firefox® use voice commands to control your Gmail inbox. Use your voice to click on any visible link, use your voice to open emails

Powerful transcription of recordings into text

  • Accurately transcribe a prerecorded audio file or podcast of a single speaker's voice with the same accuracy for medical terminology as transcribing your own voice recording.
  • Great for transcribing a colleague's pre-recorded medical notes, medical podcasts from the Internet, or for medical assistants to transcribe each clinicians' recorded notes.


  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or faster processor - Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 recommended.
  • RAM: 4GB, 8GB+ recommended
  • Free hard disk space: 8GB
  • Supported Operating Systems: OS X Mavericks (10.9) or OS X Yosemite (10.10)
  • USB 2.0/3.0 port for product installation
  • A Nuance-approved noise-canceling headset microphone for Mac® (included in purchase)
  • Note: An Internet connection is required for automatic product activation (a quick anonymous process)
  • Order here (upgrade from version 3 here) - or just give us a call:




Success Story
Speech-Recognition Solutions Need to Keep Pace with Mobile Physicians

We thought this story, from an ER physician, very nicely described some of the advantages of SayIt for today's busy physicians.

The challenge of working with EMRs can't be underestimated: sometimes I think charting into the EMR is harder than the medicine I practice! That is why tools such as speech-recognition technology are so important for simplifying clinical workflow and driving increased productivity. I have been using these technologies for years, and with SayIt, have found a solution that really works for me because it supports my need for portability, simplicity, and convenience.

I admit I am not an easy customer. As an emergency physician who works full time for Shenandoah Emergency Physicians and part time at various hospitals and clinics through a staffing company, I'm constantly moving to different hospitals and working with different EMR systems. Most of them have Epic, and some have desktop-based speech-recognition software. To use the software, I have to replicate my profile in each location; a very cumbersome task for someone who's so mobile.

The beauty of SayIt is that it is tied to me, not the EMR or location. Because it is a cloud-based solution, I can access it along with my profile wherever I'm working. The product is easy to use and provides very fast, accurate speech-to-text conversion. Unlike other speech-recognition solutions, SayIt uses separate hotkeys for dictation and shortcuts, which means I can use Epic smart phrases for greater productivity.

I have been practicing medicine for more than 25 years, and portability is a pressing need for physicians today. Many of us travel from hospital to hospital and clinic to clinic using a variety of EMRs. If these EMRs create roadblocks in our workflow, we can not do our jobs efficiently which puts patient satisfaction at risk.

SayIt is a simple, intuitive, portable solution for simplifying clinical workflow. With SayIt, I can be more productive in virtually any EMR from any location. It does precisely what software should do: lets me concentrate more on the patient and less on the computer.

-- Jeremy C. Gernsbach, Emergency Physician (from nVoq's blog here)



Tech Tools & Tips
Mac Users-Now Control Gmail, Safari and Firefox by Voice

With Dragon Dictate for Mac, V4 or Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac, V4 you can now easily navigate within Gmail, Safari or Firefox with a few simple voice commands.

Say: show links

to number all the available clickable links on the page.  

Say: choose <the displayed number>

to choose the appropriate link

You can also use "click" commands to choose text hyperlinks. Simply say "click" and the first few words of the hyperlink.

For instance, to choose the first email in the screenshot below, use click and the first few words of the subject line.

Say: click we need to have  

If you say the name of a hyperlink and there's more than one option by that name, Dragon will number the available options. In the screenshot below to pick "Reply" in the area where it says "Click here to Reply or Forward"

Say: choose 2

With Dragon Dictate for the Mac, V4 you will have full text control in Gmail. You can dictate and apply formatting directly in the email window without having to transfer text.  

In the screenshot above to apply bold, underline and italics,

Say: bold full text control
Say: underline emails
Say: italicize voice commands  


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