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WinScribe OnDemand
Digital Dictation for the Little Guy or the Frugal Guy

You are a small doctors group or law office. You'd love to integrate the convenience and time savings of digital dictation into your office, but the expense of setting up and maintaining the required server-based network has always been a stopping point.

WinScribe introduces WinScribe OnDemand especially for you. More and more organizations of all sizes are moving to the on-demand model for their business applications. On-demand, commonly called Software as a Service (SaaS) eliminates capital expenditure for software and services, reduces IT resource needs and accelerates deployments. WinScribe OnDemand is a subscription-based service that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a server-based digital dictation solution for a very low cost of ownership.

Partnering with Rackspace Inc., winner of the Microsoft 2007 Infrastructure Award, WinScribe offers OnDemand subscribers an enterprise caliber secure data center as host. This means that you'll never have to implement, update, troubleshoot, patch, monitor, administer, backup data, or worry over servers. OnDemand takes on the day-to-day burdens that bog down you or your IT department, so you can get back to focusing on the important things - dictating, transcribing, and billing.

Benefits of WinScribe OnDemand Include:

  • START IMMEDIATELY - Faster implementation and deployment
  • REDUCED COST OF OWNERSHIP - Fewer resources, no software updates or server maintenance
  • IMPROVED SECURITY AND PERFORMANCE - Enterprise caliber secure data center
  • BETTER SERVICE DELIVERY - Pay as you grow with predictable annual fees
  • REDUCED UPFRONT AND ONGOING COSTS - No servers or software to buy
  • BLACKBERRY INTERFACE- Ultimate flexibility - dictate right from your Blackberry - anywhere, any time!

Annual subscriptions are only $395 per named user and $120 for the WinScribe Blackberry Subscription License.

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Enhancements to WinScribe for Blackberry
Anywhere, Anytime Dictation and Review

WinScribe has announced new enhancements available for its application for Blackberry Smartphones.  Users now have the ability to insert and overwrite audio dictation captured on their Blackberry Smartphones as well as flag jobs as priority directly from their device.  WinScribe is the first vendor in the digital dictation sector to offer this functionality for Blackberry Smartphones.

Since the launch of the application in February of this year, WinScribe for Blackberry Smartphones is being deployed in over 30 of the top legal firms internationally as well as a number of medical organizations.

Rather than carrying around several devices, WinScribe’s key objective was to make life easier for the mobile lawyer or medical professional by combining the accessibility of all applications into one device.  WinScribe offers a sleek dictation application for Blackberry Smartphones.  The application streamlines and simplifies the dictation process and speeds up work turnaround with its fully featured finger touch control, secure voice and data transmission, speech recognition integration and online/off-line functionality.

"Our new enhancements to the application provide users with additional functionality furthering the value of their WinScribe investment while illustrating WinScribe's commitment to providing the very best solution to meet the needs of our clients," says Matthew Weavers, CEO of WinScribe.  "Professional users have tried other competitive offerings have remarked on how much easier, faster and more secure WinScribe is, making our solution the closest experience using a desktop application with full mobility that is available.  And our solution is unique as it offers the option to securely transfer dictation directly to the WinScribe server without the need to utilize the Blackberry Internet or Enterprise servers.  This is an extremely important feature for firms concerned about e-mail discovery and retention laws."




Grundig Digital Peripherals
Experience the Very Latest in Digital Dictation Technology

Optimum efficiency, first class ergonomics and design, and the very best in playback; profit from all the benefits of digital dictation technology.  Check out the latest products and accessories from Grundig Business Systems.

Grundig GRUXMICI Grundig Digtasonic XMIC Microphone/Stand
With its tall design, smooth finish and extra-wide slide switch, the DigtaSonic xMic was designed for added comfort during longer dictation sessions. The microphone includes a tracker ball control with mouse buttons and supports the new DSSPro standard.

Following a detailed ergonomic study, the DigtaSonic xMic was deliberately designed with a tall, slim look to enable users to keep their hand low and supported rather than having to constantly lift the device up to speak.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Extra wide, comfortable slide switch for easy one-handed operation
  • Full control of PC applications via the integral “Track Point” mouse control and mouse buttons
  • Easy integration into backoffice systems via open interfaces (SDK)
  • Button and slider functions can be individually programmed (Adapter Server functionality)
  • Integrated sound card and dynamic speakers make for optimum recording and play-back quality
  • Integrates with Grundig 404 Barcode Scanner
  • Digta Hardware CD including AdapterServer
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The Digta CordEx allows wireless dictation directly into the PC and is ideally suited for users who have the need to move around during dictation.  The four-step slide switch with intuitive operation is extremely easy to use - especially important for this new style of dynamic dictating.  Thanks to the high-capacity rechargeable battery and an extra battery, which is optionally available, the Digta CordEx allows almost unlimited dictating. 

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Color display with indication of status and menu control
  • Integrates with Grundig 404 Barcode Scanner
  • Internal memory buffer for voice data
  • Integrated mouse control
  • Versatile docking station which performs as a:
    •   Base transceiver station
    •   USB data interface to the PC
    •   Charging station (for device and the extra battery)
    •   Foot control connection



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DIGTA X420 Recorder

The Digta x420 is the first of Grundig's proven portable devices to support the new DSSPro voice standard.  It is ideally suited for those using voice recognition software.

digta420Features and Benefits Include:

  • The large, wide slide switch makes for easy one-handed operation.
  • 128 MB of internal memory giving nearly 20 hours talk time-expandable with DigtaCard.
  • Optimum sound quality using DSSPro-ideal for voice recognition.
  • Brilliant color display with controls and menus clearly shown.
  • Operation with batteries or rechargeable batteries (recharging inside machine).
  • Extended workflow functions.
  • USB interface for direct dictations to the PC and online control of the application
  • Integrates with Grundig 404 Barcode Scanner
  • Enhanced security features


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Perfect organization at the press of a button:

By simply plugging DigtaScan 404 into a Grundig dictation device with scanner slot, you make your workflow just perfect.

Just plug it in...                 ...and scan

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Innovative plug-in barcode reader
  • Fast and accurate method to index dictation
  • Ideal way to reference patient and client files (as in number or name)
  • Easy to use ergonomic scanner
  • Clear display of barcode data
  • Reads all conventional 1D-barcodes
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Spring Specials
Special Deals from Nuance and Zephyr-TEC

Nuance Specials on new 5-user "Pilot Packs" - FREE Upgrade Assurance

Not sure if Dragon is right for your company? Wanting to try a pilot project, or implement speech recognition for a limited number of users? Now through June 30, order 5 licenses of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional or Legal, and get FREE upgrade assurance for one year - if a new version comes out in the next year from your purchase, you would receive the upgrade FREE!

5-License "Pilot Pack"


Upgrade Assurance

Your Savings

DNS Professional

$4479.95 ($895.99 each)

(normally $144 per license)


DNS Legal

$4799.95 ($959.99 each)

(normally $192 per license)



  • This special offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Must be ordered by 12 PM PDT, June 30
  • No Returns policy will apply
  • Offer is valid in the United Sates and Canada only

Single License Specials - Now through June!

We have also reduced prices on the single license versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical - Small Practice. Buy now and save!


Sale Price


Your Savings

DNS Professional




DNS Medical - Small Practice





  • This special offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Must be ordered by 12 PM PDT, June 30
  • No Returns policy will apply
  • Offer is valid in the United Sates and Canada only

For more information or to place your order, call us:





WinScribe Success Story
WinScribe Reduces Turnarounds from 48 Hrs to 1.5 Hrs!

Aiken Regional Medical Center, located in South Carolina, first opened its doors in 1917 as the Aiken Hospital and Relief Society. Today they are a 225-bed acute care facility offering a wide variety of specialties and services.

The Challenge - Reduce Report Turnaround

Like many healthcare facilities today, Aiken was looking for a solution that would allow them to gain control of their Radiology transcription backlog and reduce operating costs. After extensively researching the market, Aiken chose to implement the WinScribe Digital Dictation System integrated with Speech Recognition. What amazed Aiken most was the outstanding result achieved – on average; turnaround time went from 48 to 1.5 hours.

Aiken Regional Medical Center relied on an “overseas” outsourced solution for their transcription needs. At the end of each day dictation was downloaded to the service provider and would start trickling back 24 to 36 hours later. Reports were then manually cut and pasted into Aiken’s Radiology Management System (RMS), adding further delays. A report took an average of 48 hours to complete. Aware of advances in dictation technology, Aiken management believed that an in-house system coupled with speech recognition might possibly offer a solution to their transcription backlog. Importantly, Aiken wanted a solution that would enable them to fully integrate with their Radiology Management System (RMS). Reports would then be available to physicians as soon as they were completed.

The Solution – WinScribe

Through their research, Aiken considered several offerings, eventually deciding on the WinScribe Digital Dictation System with integrated speech recognition. WinScribe is a fully integrated solution for dictation, transcription and dictation workflow management.

WinScribe has been configured for Aiken staff to use WinScribe PC/Internet Author application with the Philips SpeechMike/barcode scanner to dictate reports. This has simplified the dictation process and has eliminated human error.
The Result – Transcription Productivity Increased by 150%

“WinScribe has eliminated the requirement to cut and paste transcribed text into Aiken RMS cutting average report turnaround by up to 48 hours. Reports are available to physicians on average 90 minutes after the Radiologist dictates the report. Transcription productivity has improved by more than 150%”, says Howard Sanford, Aiken’s Radiology Department Head.

“By automating most of the manual processes, WinScribe has eliminated costly and inefficient human error. The reports are available in our RMS sooner and without mistakes.”

“We now have a fully integrated solution that we intend to expand to other departments; WinScribe will scale with our future needs. We now have control of our transcription services and our costs. That is very important to us. Our patients are getting better care and we are more efficient. We are extremely pleased with the results”, says Howard Sanford. “I can transcribe/correct 60 jobs in one hour compared to 20 jobs before WinScribe was installed.”

WinScribe is the best system I have ever used”, said Cynthia Cook, head transcriptionist for Aiken.




Tech Tools & Tips
Troubleshooting USB Microphones

Many people are using USB microphones or a microphone plugged into a USB pod. Here are a few quick tips for troubleshooting some common problems.

1. Re-Plug them. Sometimes, the USB connection with the computer will become loose, or Windows will fail to recognize that the sound device is plugged in. Often, unplugging the microphone and then plugging it back in will fix this problem. Note that you will usually have to restart Dragon as well - Dragon checks for what microphones are installed when it starts up.

2. Check the Mute Switch. Many USB devices have a mute switch on the cord or item - make sure you (or someone else) didn't accidentally hit it.

3. Reset Dragon's sound system. By re-running the Audio Setup Wizard, you can make sure Dragon is using the correct audio system. On the Dragonbar, go to Tools -> Accuracy Center -> Check Audio Settings, and follow the steps of the wizard. You will be asked which sound system you are using; make the appropriate choice and then complete the wizard.

After that, it'll all sound good!


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