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Upcoming Shows - Come By and See Us
Legal Tech - May 17 - 18, 2011
Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles, CA
Booth #208, with Philips Speech Processing
Stop by Booth #208 and try Dragon and Philips products for yourself and a chance to win a complete speech-to-text digital document workflow solution!
California Orthopedic Association - May 19 - 22, 2011
Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, CA
Got an EMR? Need Dragon? Do you want to try Dragon Medical before you buy? Now's your chance! Stop by our booth and give Dragon Medical a try. You also get a chance to win a full version of Dragon Medical and 2 hours of professional services to get you up and going quickly!
Upcoming Webinars:


Dragon Medical for your Health
5/26/2011, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register
Dragon Medical for your Health
6/9/2011, 12:15 PM PDT: Click to Register


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Current Specials

Spring Fling & Swap to the Top

Zephyr-TEC's Spring Fling specials run now through June 20, the last official day of spring…

Swap to the Top

Now through June 20th, you can save $25 off the Philips 9600 DPM by trading in an old (working) recorder. If you're looking at a new dictation solution for yourself or your company, this could be a nice chunk of change to save - but only if you act fast. Call us now to upgrade and save but do it this Spring!


Spring Fling Starters

Spring is a time for growth, for change - and what better than to move to a more efficient way of working? We've bundled Dragon NaturallySpeaking -all three flavors - with our professional services to get you up and running quick. Software, four hours of services (installation, training), and telephone technical support - all in one nice bundle. And through June 20th, these great packages are discounted 10%, as part of our special Spring Fling discount program. But that's not all - order now, before 5 PM on May 31, and we'll take another 5% off the cost!

You Save  
DNS Professional +
4 hours Professional Services +
Telephone Technical Support Contract

$1274.99 by May 31

$225 by May 31
DNS Legal +
4 hours Professional Services +
Telephone Technical Support Contract

$1444.99 by May 31

$255 by May 31
Dragon Medical + USB Pod
4 hours Professional Services +
Telephone Technical Support Contract

$2166.99 by May 31

$383 by May 31

Of course, these are just starter packages, and we can easily add in other items if you want - recorders, handheld mics, other software (like SpeechExec or Frisbee) -whatever fits your need. Just give us a call and we'll build these packages into something that fits you to a T! Call now, so you can enjoy the fruits of your new labor this summer!




Announcing Philips SpeechExec 7

Improved Text to Speech Workflow for the Digital Document Generation using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and Legal

SpeechExecSR 7 is here!

During the development of SpeechExec 7, Philips focused on realizing end user driven requirements to make Version 7 one of the most intuitive and easy to use speech to text solutions in the market.

So what's new and different in this release? Well, all the old functionality is still there, but in addition, you get:


The most striking change in SpeechExec 7 is the new user interface design.

This not only includes new application icons, splash screens and toolbar icons, but also a completely modernized and simplified user interface that meets the standards of modern PC applications.


With the goal to improve the usability of SpeechExec, Philips ran scientific usability investigations for over a year. This process was driven by usability specialists. Through this process Philips gained new insights how their speech to text solution is used by end users, and where usability problems may occur - and recreated the interfaces accordingly.


After 6 years in the market SpeechExec (finally!) says goodbye to hardware-based licensing.

SpeechExec 7 now contains a convenient and future proof web-based license system which is more flexible and more reliable compared to the previous Smart Key concept.


SpeechExec Pro 7 enables speech recognition support not only within SpeechExec, but it is now also possible to control speech recognition with a SpeechMike in other applications like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook while SpeechExec is running in the background.

This closes the gap between document creation and the review process.


SpeechExec 7 supports all of the Professional Series microphones and handheld digital recorders. And now, with version 7, it integrates seamlessly with the Olympus DS 5000 digital recorders.



Current Philips SpeechExec Version 5 or 6 users can upgrade to Philips SpeechExecSR Version 7 for $79.00 through the end of June.



Frisbee Digital Dictation for Healthcare Professionals!
Text to Speech Workflow for Healthcare Professionals using Dragon Medical

For Dragon Medical users, we are pleased to announce Frisbee, a new lineup of DIGITAL WORKFLOW applications for healthcare professionals who use Dragon Medical.

Frisbee is digital workflow software that will allow you to dictate not only to your PC with Frisbee Dictate, but also with a digital recorder, Windows Smartphone, iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry! We take the workflow one step further and integrate Dragon Medical with Frisbee to provide a healthcare organization with the best of all worlds when it comes to speech recognition.

With Frisbee, you can choose to use Dragon Medical for straight dictation, into an EMR for example, or, you can dictate to the Frisbee application on your PC and have that dictation run through Dragon such that your office person or your transcriptionist, using Frisbee Transcription, can open those files, read what Dragon transcribed and correct any errors and then finalize the document for you. Corrections will go back to your Dragon profile if you are in a network or VPN setup.

You can also utilize your digital recorder, or more excitingly, your BlackBerry, iPhone or iPad with Frisbee and Dragon Medical. In this workflow, Authors will dictate to their digital recorder, iPad, iPhone or BlackBerry and that dictation will be automatically sent to the transcriptionist using Frisbee Transcription (and Dragon installed on that computer). The transcriptionist can then run the file through Dragon Medical, make any corrections and finalize the document for the chart or the EMR.

What sets Frisbee apart from other dictation and transcription workflow solutions?!

The unification of speech recognition and superior workflow gives Frisbee users the greatest efficiency available to the market. In addition, the integration of all the best professional dictation devices, and smartphones allows for great flexibility and leverage for your dictation and transcription needs.

  1. Dictate into your recording device (digital handheld recorder, microphone connected to PC, iPhone, Smartphone or BlackBerry). Send your dictation to the Frisbee interface.
  2. Have your dictation automatically converted to text using the optional speech recognition function.
  3. Your transcriptionist processes the dictation or corrects the speech recognized text file, then sends the transcription to you for approval.
  4. You approve the transcription.
  5. Upon your request the document is signed, put into a template that is emailed and/or printed.

Frisbee features

  • An easy-to-use interface that collects all of your transcriptions.
  • Open architecture: Frisbee works with most hardware you may be using! That means Frisbee is independent of hardware. It's already integrated with professional dictation machines from all leading manufacturers.
  • Modular and scalable structure from one to an unlimited number of authors and transcriptionists.
  • Dictation, workflow management and speech recognition in one product.
  • Central administration of users, profiles and jobs.
  • Integration in document management systems, MIS, HIS, etc. by means of SDK or XML and HL7.

Includes a 3 pedal USB foot control with configurable buttons and a USB Stereo Headset with volume control. Just send your dictations through to the Frisbee software and your transcriptionist can take care of them!

Sound interesting? Give us a call, and we can give you all the details - soon you'll be up and flying with Frisbee!



Success Story
SpeechExec improves workflow efficiency for Florida Legal Team

An efficient workflow is essential to any busy legal firm, and Thompson Goodis Thompson Groseclose Richardson Miller, P.A., is no exception. With a dozen civil and criminal defense lawyers working from two separate locations, it has served Florida communities for more than 15 years. But the firm's reputation for integrity, efficiency and thoroughness was being hampered by the inadequacies inherent in their primarily analog dictation and transcription system.

For years, most Thompson Goodis attorneys dictated letters, depositions, summaries, and other critical information onto mini-cassette tapes using handheld recorders.

While generally functional, with the analog system:

"We were having a difficult time even finding vendors who would still service the old tape recorders," says managing partner James Thompson, Jr. "Digital is the way everyone is going."

In fact, a couple of the attorneys at Thompson Goodis adopted an early digital dictation solution nearly 10 years ago. But the aging system was also facing its share of complications:

The firm knew it was time to find a complete digital dictation solution that would enhance, rather than hinder, its operational effectiveness.

Practice Administrator Karen Beasley, together with Thompson, began a careful search and selection process. After examining several digital dictation and transcription options, they decided to try a "trial run" of the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise solution based its:

The ability to obtain a dedicated number of licenses to be used by any staff member appealed greatly to the firm. "From a workflow standpoint, that was a huge selling point," says Beasley.

Seizing the opportunity to step into benefits of digital technology, it quickly transitioned to the Philips SpeechExec Enterprise digital dictation solution.

Implementation went smoothly. The SpeechExec Enterprise solution was installed on the firm's server and each workstation. Two weeks later, group training was conducted with all staff and attorneys. Group training was followed by individualized, one-on-one sessions with each employee. The staff had very few questions, Thompson reports. In fact, the decision to move forward with Philips SpeechExec Enterprise rested partly on the system's ease of use.

"For years I tried to get my dad, a founding partner now in his 60s, to use digital dictation. He even had an old digital recorder sitting around, but he didn't really like it. When I was sure he would be comfortable and would easily transition to this system, that was a critical aspect of the decision for me," Thompson explains.

Today, an efficient transcription "network" at Thompson Goodis replaces cassette tapes…

From an attorney's perspective, it's easy to switch back-and-forth among the various files. The handheld recorders are intuitive and slip easily into a docking station once dictation is complete. From there, files automatically download to the appropriate folder on the server, where transcriptionists can view and prioritize them.

From an administrator's perspective, the fact that multiple transcriptionists can access all the recordings means that those with lighter workloads can pitch in to help complete any unfinished tasks. It's easier to prioritize workflow because the system tells users how many minutes are recorded on each file. In addition, work no longer accumulates whenever a staff member is out of the office; if necessary, work can even be forwarded via email attachments.

The digital sound quality is much improved over what is typically experienced with analog cassettes. The firm's transcriptionists no longer spend time unproductively rewinding tapes to replay difficult-to-understand passages.

"Digital dictation is so much easier than tapes," says Thompson. "There is no reason not to go in this direction; it's a no-brainer."



Tech Tools & Tips
Installing SpeechExec on a 64-Bit Operating System

SpeechExec 7.0 supports Windows XP (32 bit), Vista (32 bit & 64 bit) and Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit).

When installing on a 64 Bit Operating System without .NET Framework 4.0 installed errors may occur. (i.e. Error 1155 "Error installing .NET Framework not found" or Error 1935 "an error occurred during the installation of assembly components".

The Workaround is to manually install the .NET Framework from the SpeechExec CD under: Tools\Microsoft .NET Framework\64 bit directory or from Microsoft homepage.


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