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Cloud-Based Speech Recognition - SayIt and Be Done
Plug in Your Mic and Work on Any Computer

In 2014, healthcare professionals have seen the value of speech recognition - words appear as fast as you talk. But there are some limitations - mostly involving setting up the computer. Wouldn't it be nice if you could sit down at any computer and dictate, with no preparation?

Well now you can. Introducing SayIt™ - a cloud-based subscription software for speech recognition.

Advantages of

  1. Easy to use and learn.
  2. Nothing to install on the desktop.
  3. Work wherever there's an Internet connection.
  4. Affordable subscription pricing - limited upfront investment.
  5. Supports Windows and Mac OS.


Save time spent hunting and tabbing through the EMR with simple voice commands. Find the fields you need in seconds instead of minutes through powerful SayIt Shortcuts.


Use SayIt Shortcuts to insert used text blocks, select items from dropdown menus and fill in data fields. Who knew templates could be this much fun?


Speak patient histories, assessments, plans and notes directly into the system of record. If a correction is needed, simply Select and "SayIt". You're done.


Use one SayIt voice command to launch a series of tasks within and across systems. With SayIt automations, the learning curve for new systems can be a whole lot shorter.

Works with the Systems You Use Every Day

SayIt is designed to work seamlessly with any EMR, both desktop and web-based! It's well suited for use with popular systems like Epic™, Cerner™, Allscripts™, Athena Health™, Care Cloud™, Greenway™, eClinical Works™, NextGen™, GE Centricity™, Optum™, and Practice Fusion™ or virtually any EMR. SayIt supports 35 medical specialties, and can easily be configured to support your organization's unique vocabulary.

SayIt also works directly with practice management systems, Radiology Information Systems (RIS), Microsoft Office™, Gmail™, and virtually any other application for Windows and Mac OS. SayIt is designed to operate efficiently within virtualized desktop environments, and does not require any dedicated network software or equipment.

I found SayIt to be easy to learn and use. The shortcuts save me a great deal of time, and I can customize the vocabulary for my practice's unique needs.

Dr. R. Kent Dyer, Otologic Medical Clinic, Inc. Oklahoma City, OK

SayIt is a true alternative for radiologists desiring a cloud-based solution. It's ideally designed for teleradiologists who need to work with different systems and clinics. I'm recommending it without hesitation for my staff.

Dr. David Cohen, Teleradiology Specialists, Phoenix, AZ

In sum - use your profile on any computer (Windows or Mac) that has internet. Subscription service - quit at any time. Easy to learn and use.

Sound interesting? Want more information? Come to one of our webinars, or just give us a call:




June Savings on Philips SpeechMike
Talk to the Hand-held Microphone

Tired of using a headset? Want more control without having to touch the keyboard and mouse? Looking for a microphone for a new cloud-based speech recognition system? Look no further!

For June, we've got the Philips SpeechMike Premium - the best handheld microphone on the market - on sale. Save $40 off the normal costs from now until June 30. Just use the code "JuneSavings" at our webstore!

Philips SpeechMike Premium 3500

Regularly $335 -
Now $295

Philips SpeechMike Premium 3510

Regularly $349 -
Now $309

Use the code "JuneSavings"
when you check out

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Winscribe 4.2 - The Latest
Work Faster, Work Smarter


Winscribe Digital Dictation is an easy to use, secure, dictation software for Healthcare, Legal, Financial, Government and a host of other industries.

In fact, Winscribe Digital Dictation is used by over 350,000 professionals worldwide allowing them to work faster and have more control over their documentation process and data management.

Winscribe allows for rapid document creation and turnaround times by making use of document workflows, templates, Microsoft Office integration, on-the-go dictation for smartphones and tablets and optional integrated Speech Recognition.


Author Application
As an author, you can choose to dictate to any of the over 100 dictation devices supported - handheld digital recorders, Smartphones, telephones or directly to the PC. No matter which device you prefer, Winscribe allows you to create, annotate and send your dictations quickly and easily from anywhere.

Typist (Client) Application
Typists can access Winscribe and play back audio from work or from home. Typist managers can control jobs and typing pools via the Typist application.

Web Manager
Web Manager allows access to the system via an Internet browser allowing for complete workflow control. Use the manager to; reassign jobs, retrieve jobs, create new users, create workflows and create reports. No more lost jobs, no more lost time in the event of employee absence.


Winscribe Digital Dictation has evolved by listening to user feedback to include many new features to enhance dictation and transcription management processes. New software features and hardware support include:

  • Enhanced Management Power
    • Managers can now deploy pre-designated user options across groups, departments and sites rather than checking off options individually.
    • Managers can also assign default hardware settings.
    • New Auto ID creation. No longer do you need to remember the last ID number used when creating new users (IDs can still be assigned manually).
    • Removable drive searching plus other improvements in the Importer program.
  • Speech Recognition
    • Winscribe offers integration of the new Winscribe Speech Recognition (based on Microsoft Speech).
    • Support for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.
    • Speech Recognition Reporting. Winscribe offers a brand-new series of Speech Recognition reports to manage the usage and output on the site.
  • Evolving Technology
    • Winscribe mobility apps continue growing with Professional and Medical apps for iOS, Android and BB10.
    • Support for newly released dictation devices from Phillips and Olympus like the DPM 8000 and DS-7000
    • Support for Windows 8

Greg Allen, Chief Technology Officer at Winscribe explains:

"Winscribe v4.2 is the culmination of working together in successful partnership with our customers to produce a release that drives greater business value, which can be proven through measurable outcomes. In addition, information security is of increasing concern as more businesses adopt mobility and cloud technologies, and Winscribe v4.2 is ready, employing the latest in Microsoft .Net technology at its core and adopting 256-bit AES encryption from its digital portable manufacturing partners."

Mr. Allen goes on to say that:

"Winscribe Dictation provides our customers with greater visibility of the benefits to their businesses - delivered through voice technologies such as speech recognition. Building on our philosophies of ease of use, innovation and intelligence, Winscribe Dictation v4.2 sets the standard for optimal digital dictation and speech recognition workflow."

Interested in implementing Winscribe into your office?

Zephyr-TEC has successfully implemented Winscribe for hospitals, clinics, large and small law firms, corporations and government organizations.

Contact us today for a free presentation or to request a customized quotation! Zephyr-TEC will help you evaluate how feasible it would be for your office to work smarter and faster by voice.




Success Story
HIStalk Interviews Charles Corfield, CEO, nVoq

Zephyr-TEC is very excited to be partnering with nVoq, the makers of the cloud-based speech recognition product SayIt. Here's some excerpts from an interview with CEO Charles Corfield:

Tell me about yourself and the company.

I started off life as a mathematician. The company that we're talking about today is nVoq, which is based in Boulder, Colorado. It is a tech company. It does voice-assisted workflow, or voice-automated workflows.

How did you get involved with speech recognition?

The story behind it was that I met up with several would-be entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley who wanted to do something with speech recognition. They were not ready for prime time as far the VC community there was concerned.

However, I liked what I saw, and so I worked with them in formulating the business. I invested in at as well, as did eventually a number of VCs once they got to a stage where they were a candidate for taking funding from the VC. It was an interesting model, because before we had the term "cloud," they were actually doing a cloud-based IVR. This was also one of the not very common times when you could do a gain share model and control enough of the levers to make it work.

In that environment, it was well known in the industry what percentage of your incoming phone calls to customer care you could automate, or not as the case may be. If you couldn't automate it, it had to go to an agent and that's really what drove your expense. The approach at BeVocal was that we would use a judicious amount of speech recognition to increase the as some people call it call deflection, meaning deflection away from an agent, or call automation or containment within the IVR.

The deal we would make with the customer is that for every percentage point we can increase that automation, you pay us X cents per minute. That turned into a very good business model. The reason that type of model is not very common is because often technology companies can't control enough of the levers to influence the outcome in their favor. Gain share models are often very good for the client and lousy for the technology company.

Nuance is probably the name people think of most often when they hear the term speech recognition. How are NVoq's offerings different and how do you compete against Nuance?

We take a different approach. As you said, Nuance is the brand name or the 800-pound gorilla that is known in healthcare. Their primary offerings are back-end transcription as they have absorbed transcription companies and put that on to their back-end speech recognition. Then the front-end product, which is more widely known, the medical version of Dragon. That is a desktop product. It's what is called a fat client. All the functionality has to be installed either on the enterprise server or the user's desktop.

Our observation is that by taking a different approach, which is to supply functionality out in the cloud, we are able to meet the needs of people who are more cost conscious and need a very simple and portable access to speech recognition. By simple, meaning it's very easy for them to learn what they need to learn. By portable, it respects the fact that they are working in multiple locations. They're going from offices to clinics to hospitals and so on and they really need just one account that can follow them around.

The cloud, as long as they have Internet connectivity, allows them to hook up to their account wherever they are. Then from a user experience point of view, what we have focused on is to make that process upon boarding the user that is, training them up from ground zero very simple for the user. The process of supporting that user in their daily use is to make that very simple as well.

Let me give you a for instance. Because the functionality is in the cloud, we or the reseller can see exactly what the user is doing during the early days and can make judicious interventions to true things up for that user: introduce vocabulary items or tweak the system in a way that meets the user's actual usage. What is nice for the user is that the system seems to be proactively addressing their needs without them having to pick up a phone and ask for help.

This brings us to, I think, one of the big opportunities of using speech recognition in the healthcare space, which is to get a higher adoption rate. Nuance has in effect set the standard, so you will see roughly 50 percent of people who have started on Dragon end up abandoning it. Not because Dragon is a bad product. Dragon is a perfectly good speech recognition product. The issue is that when they need support, it's not convenient to get it.

We make a very strong push in that direction of delivering good customer service and timely customer service that makes the difference for these users. Because to be blunt, they're all far too busy to pick up manuals on speech recognition or wade their way through indexes trying to figure out, what did I get wrong? Why isn't this working for me? Far better that before they even realize they're having issues, someone can intervene behind the scenes and make the system do what it needs to do.

What are you priorities or strategies for the company for the next few years?

It's really all about customer service. We are in the business of productivity, taking cycles out of people's workflow. Anywhere where we see inefficiencies that we can address, we go after that. The thesis in high tech is that it's really an arbitrage game if you will, because you're always taking an existing process and re-implementing it, leveraging technology to lower the cost point of that process. The difference you've opened up between what it costs today versus what it will cost once you put in the technology that's the arbitrage that you can then take your cut of and run a business on. So for us, it's all about productivity.

If you want to read the full interview, you can go to HIStalk and see it in its entirety.




Tech Tools & Tips
Troubleshooting the Philips SpeechMike

The Philips SpeechMike is a wonderful microphone - but, like all technology, sometimes it stops working. Here are some quick troubleshooting tips:

Restart the Computer

Sometimes, a simple restart of the computer fixes communication problems between programs. Do not just log off and logon either restart the computer, or shut down the computer and then start it up again.

Confirm You Are Running the Latest Software for the SpeechMike

Open the Philips SpeechMike Device Control Center Software (usually an icon in the system tray, but also on the Start Menu -> All Programs). Click the icon in the upper left corner, then click on About, and the popup box will come up and tell you what version you have.

The current version is 3.2.320.18, but they do update it often - you can check for a new download from the support page here at the Philips Website.

Confirm You Are Running the Latest Firmware for the SpeechMike

The firmware is the programming on the device itself - and you want the latest version. To check that, open up the Philips Device Control Center and click on the "i" on the middle right to bring up the information about the current device.

For the SpeechMike Premium, the current firmware version is 2.19 - if that's not what you have, you can download a more recent version from the support page here at the Philips Website.

Those tricks of checking for current versions of the SpeechMike software solve a significant number of issues with the SpeechMike. And remember to reboot after making any changes to the Philips software!


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