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AI-Powered Speech Recognition Benefits Both the Provider & the Patient

Posted by Beth Stapleton on Jan 16th 2020

AI-Powered Speech Recognition Benefits Both the Provider & the Patient

With the help of real-time documentation, a California cardiologist achieves efficiency, transparency, and quality patient care.

Mariusz Wysoczanski, MD, a quintuple board-certified cardiologist, delivers excellent and compassionate care to 25-30 patients a day while serving as medical director of heart failure at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center in Southern California. The corresponding documentation responsibilities meant long workdays spent typing in the EHR. When transcription proved to be pricey and incurred delays, he turned to speech recognition. With AI-powered Dragon Medical One, he quickly creates documentation that informs both patient care and referring physicians immediately and completely.

“Documentation efficiency is critical when you have a large patient workload,” says Dr. Wysoczanski. “I need to make the best use of my time.” When he tried Dragon Medical One, he was immediately impressed with the superior performance of the cloud-based solution versus legacy versions, noting significant accuracy improvements.

Benefits include:

Expert service and support: As a busy provider, Dr. Wysoczanski needed to optimize Dragon Medical One for his EHR and workflow. Zephyr-TEC Corp., a California-based certified Dragon Medical reseller since 1993, and its team of experts integrated the internet browser, Office Ally EHR, and Dragon Medical for use on any workstation and offered key tips to use Dragon Medical One effectively. Now, he simply clicks in the different sections of the patient note and dictates content.

Transparency and accuracy: Dr. Wysoczanski uses Dragon Medical to complete narrative sections of the patient record when he’s in the exam room with patients. Not only can he quickly capture information, but the patients can hear what he says and know exactly what he’s telling their primary care physicians. “It improves the quality of care because the information is fresh in my mind, so there’s no chance I will forget or misstate anything,” he says. When documentation is accurate and thorough, care teams are well informed and treatment plans are appropriate.

Practice viability: Real-time documentation in the EHR helps Dr. Wysoczanski build strong relationships with the referring physicians who help sustain and grow his practice. “It’s important that these physicians know the patient was seen and know the treatment plan before the follow-up visit,” he says. Because Dr. Wysoczanski documents directly in the EHR, the referring physician receives the note he creates the same day he sees a patient. “Beyond the quality of care I deliver, I believe referring physicians send their patients to me over other cardiology practices because of the quality of my communication with them,” he says. “They like that they receive my notes the same day and that the notes are clear, and I credit Dragon Medical One for that.”

Quality of life: Beyond its role in creating better documentation more quickly—saving up to one hour per day—Dragon Medical One provides the peace of mind that Dr. Wysoczanski appreciates. Before, when documenting at the end of a long workday, he had to rely on his memory. “Now, I have less anxiety about note quality,” he says. “It’s effective and efficient; it’s simply a great solution.”

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