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End the Pain of Typing: Speech Recognition & Return-to-Work Programs

Posted by Beth Stapleton on Aug 19th 2021

End the Pain of Typing: Speech Recognition & Return-to-Work Programs

Return to work faster, with speech recognition and "hands-free" training

Musculoskeletal disorders, including repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), are the single largest job-related injury in the United States, with millions of U.S. workers affected annually. RSIs occur when muscles or tendons are repeatedly overused or forced into an unnatural position, and typing and maneuvering the mouse exacerbates the strain and damage to muscles and tendons in the fingers, hands, wrists, and arms.

Speech-recognition technology can minimize or eliminate keyboarding and mouse movements that damage and strain muscles, tendons, and nerves due to excessive repetition. By giving employees access to speech-recognition software, you can prevent an injury before problems arise or help employees return to work sooner, reducing workers’ compensation, medical, and replacement labor costs. In addition, since speech-recognition software can help employers hire and maintain qualified workers with RSIs and other disabilities, this technology plays an important role in employers’ ADA compliance strategies.

Speech Recognition Training is the Key to Success

Setting realistic expectations has a critical impact on the success or failure of using speech recognition technology, as users who are not accustomed to dictating their thoughts may need practice. Although users can begin dictating and using the software after installation, most people increase their productivity when they receive proper training. Training speeds the learning curve, instills confidence in users, reduces support costs, promotes the users’ overall success and productivity, and maximizes return on investment.

Zephyr-TEC has been training people with typing limitations how to use computers by voice since 1993. We have a variety of guides and training courses available to accommodate different goals, such as Zephyr-TEC’s classes which instruct clients how to use Microsoft Office applications with speech recognition software. This training enables our clients to perform or return to their chosen professions using speech recognition software to control their computers by voice.

Zephyr-TEC's Return-to-Work Speech Recognition Training Benefits:

  • Provides accessibility for people with physical disabilities that making typing difficult or impossible
  • Prevents RSIs by enabling hands-free PC use
  • Keeps workers with certain injuries on the job
  • Helps organizations meet disability management needs, because it’s Section 508 certified

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