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Nuance Announces Dragon Medical One Version 2020.2

Posted by Beth Stapleton on Jul 22nd 2020

Nuance Announces Dragon Medical One Version 2020.2

Nuance and Zephyr-TEC are pleased to announce the availability of Dragon Medical One 2020.2. This latest update, released on July 7, 2020, carries through the 2020.X naming convention where X indicates the calendar quarter and contains new features and product fixes that align with our initiatives to meet customer demands. Expanding on version 2020.1 improvements, Dragon Medical One 2020.2 includes centralized administrator control and expanded support for dictation within EHR systems.

Key Updates Include:

  • End of support for Dragon Medical One on Windows 7: Microsoft recently announced the end of life for Windows 7 operating system. Consistent with our third-party support policy, Nuance will no longer support Dragon Medical One on Windows 7.
  • Removal of “Hide Dragon” command: Virtual assistant capabilities are triggered in Dragon Medical One with the “Hey Dragon” command. To ensure reliable performance of its time-saving benefits and avoid potential confusion, the similar-sounding “Hide Dragon” voice command will be removed with the release of Dragon Medical One 2020.2. Users can minimize the DragonBar with the voice command “Close Dragon.” This will hide/minimize but not exit Dragon Medical One.
  • Online Dragon Medical Training: Dragon Medical One users can learn how to use its powerful features with live, one-on-one online training from the pioneers of online Dragon training, Zephyr-TEC. Topics include installing and configuring PowerMic Mobile, creating auto-texts, and much more. 
  • New DragonBar design: The DragonBar rounded corners display incorrectly in virtual server environments. To present a consistent look for all users, the corners are now square and the DragonBar is a rectangle.
  • Improved Google Chrome experience: Administrators who have deployed the Google Chrome Extension can use the MSI installer to both install and register Dragon Medical One with Chrome, reducing the need for users to restart Google Chrome to use Dragon Medical One within the browser.
  • Managing Dragon Medical One user default settings: Administrators can use the Nuance Management Center (NMC) to define and lock default user settings such as text transfer method, PowerMic button mapping, etc., rather than configuring each user individually. By defining standard settings by group, by site, or across the organization, Administrators create an efficient, familiar, predictable dictation experience.
  • Expanded support for dictation within EHR systems: Advanced EHR text controls extend Dragon Medical One capabilities and enhance user workflows by enabling not only the convenience of dictating at the cursor directly into EHR fields but also the use of voice commands to navigate between fields, trigger macros, and edit or format text. This expanded capability is now available in Cerner’s CoPathPlus 2019 (TX Text Control X15 ActiveX).
  • Dragon Medical One Analytics daily refresh: To give administrators more timely information for monitoring Dragon Medical One adoption, Dragon Medical One analytics are now refreshed daily, increasing the frequency from weekly. Administrators can access daily, weekly and monthly analytics by clicking on the Analytics tab on the home page of the Nuance Management Center.

Miscellaneous Technical Enhancements:

The 2020.2 release contains notable bug fixes that address application disruptions listed below. Please consult the release notes for detailed information.

  • Cerner PowerChart and Epic Hyperspace through Internet Explorer 11 when opening charts 
  • Allscripts SCM 17.3 when loading PDF 
  • Meditech 6.16.20 when loading Dragon Medical One 
  • Meierhofer MCC KIS when using Microsoft spell check
  • Professional training and support from Zephyr-TEC

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