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TECH TIPS & TOOLS: How to Dictate Numbers with Dragon Speech Recognition

Posted by Beth Stapleton on May 12th 2020

TECH TIPS & TOOLS: How to Dictate Numbers with Dragon Speech Recognition

With Dragon speech recognition, you can use your voice to quickly enter numbers, fractions, dollar amounts, telephone numbers, times, and Roman numerals. To type a single digit, by default, you must precede the number with the word "numeral." To enter the number 7, say: numeral 7. However, to enter a two-digit number, you need only speak the number. To enter the number 21, say: twenty-one.

Dragon offers two methods of entering numbers: formatted and unformatted. Using the formatted method, hyphens, dollar signs, and other symbols are automatically inserted. Dragon formats seven-digit and ten-digit telephone numbers, fractions, times, and dollar amounts.

You can change between formatted and unformatted numbers and adjust several other formatting rules in Dragon’s Auto-Formatting dialog box.


5 Numeral five
12 Twelve
100 One hundred
121 One twenty one or one hundred twenty one
2164 Twenty one sixty four
5000 Five thousand
3.215 Three point two one five
5 3/8
Five and three eighths
3 x 4
Three by four
5'4" Five feet four inches
555-1212 Five five five one two one two
Eight hundred five five five twelve twelve
$12.65 Twelve dollars and sixty five cents
€50 Fifty euros
7:00 Seven colon zero zero
7:00 a.m.
Seven o'clock AM
7:21 Seven colon twenty one
7:21 p.m.
Seven twenty one PM
VII Roman numeral seven

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