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Zephyr-TEC Corp. - Let Zephyr-TEC help YOU harness the Power of Speech!™

Who is ZephyrTec?

Since 1993, ZephyrTec has been working with business professionals to help improve their document production and workflow processes, boost their productivity levels, and reduce their costs and time spent on documentation.

Our speech technology solutions are designed to make the most out of your voice. ZephyrTec supports speech-enabled document creation, by either using digital dictation or professional-grade voice-to-text technology. Intelligent workflow options are employed to automate and streamline processes, improve staff productivity, and increase overall efficiency of your organization.


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Northland Business Systems' family of companies is made up of four technology and service-oriented companies bringing world-class solutions to businesses and government agencies across the United States.

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What we do?


  • Training: We provide training with speech recognition and digital dictation software. As seasoned users of speech recognition software, our expert staff of trainers have tested and customized the software in the most complex platforms. We develop our own, proprietary training materials that are used by many resellers of Dragon speech recognition technology.
  • Evaluation: Whether it’s a formal evaluation of how appropriate speech recognition may be for a particular job or a brief study of a particular system, we can help you understand the which solutions best fit your company's needs. We think evaluation works both ways – we need to understand what you need so our advice can be accurate and useful, but we also need to give you enough information that you can understand the choices you have.
  • Consultation: We have implemented speech recognition and digital dictation with individuals, small firms, large companies and Fortune 500 organizations. That gives us the experience to know that they are all different. We can also discuss what did (or didn’t) work elsewhere, but each client has their own requirements and objectives and deserves their own plan to fit what they need. In person, online or by phone, we’re going to get you the information you need to make the right choice.

Why ZephyrTec?

Since 1993, we have worked with thousands of professionals from a variety of industries, including legal, law enforcement, healthcare, corporate return-to-work departments, transcription, insurance, social services, financial services and more! Throughout the years, we have built a knowledge base and a greater understanding of the different requirements, goals and ways of working within these sectors, so we are continually improving our service to clients in all business verticals.

ZephyrTec's team also has approximately 150 years of combined experience, amongst its team members, implementing, training and supporting professional speech recognition and digital dictation solutions, and we use our products every day to do our job! ZephyrTec’s professional trainers and programmers will teach you the commands, dictation style and software tricks to get the best results with speech software. Our program coordinators work with you to assess your needs, develop the right training program for you and follow your progress throughout your training, and our technical support engineers will help solve problems as they arise. 

Our goal is to build a partnership with you throughout every stage of the buying process — from selection, purchase, installation and customization.  We provide the expert guidance, consultation, training and on-going support to ensure your organization maximizes its return on investment.

When do you need us?

Anytime you think, "This could be done faster by voice!"

If you are planning to automate transcription or increase productivity of workflow and documentation call us, we may have surprising solutions. If you experience pain with typing, you definitely need us. Our training programs will help you do your job pain free!.


Learn more about ZephyrTec’s solutions

ZephyrTec’s speech productivity solutions enable business professionals to organize their time more efficiently, and to work in more flexible and productive ways. ZephyrTec offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and legal documentation workflow management solutions that help financial professionals produce documentation faster and more accurately, while improving compliance and protecting the security of sensitive client information.

What our clients say about us

"I am so pleased with the excellent training I received from ZephyrTec. I thought with my accent it would never work effectively for me. But just as the trainer said, the more I work with it, the better it learns my voice."
~Nahida Lebbos, Physical Therapist

"I use Dragon most frequently for Word, e-mailing and Internet searches. I found my ZephyrTec trainer to be very knowledgeable, patient and able to individualize the training to fit with my level of computer skills."
~Marion Milovich, Teacher

"I'd give you a kidney for what you guys did to help me! I've been meaning to check in anyway to say thanks. My charting speed has quintupled; I have no backlog and most days I leave with all the notes done."
~Dr. Richard Loftus

"ZephyrTec has been an instrumental part of allowing me to return to work safely. Training from ZephyrTec allowed me to write macros for logging into my e-mail and WorldCom Intranet, so I can sign and send e-mail by voice."
~Pierson Bourquin, Data Specialist, WorldCom

"ZephyrTec trained me to use voice recognition software. My trainer was very knowledgeable, patient, flexible and willing to adapt my busy schedule. Dragon has become very useful to me in my daily work. I really appreciate all the help that the ZephyrTec staff provided."
~Melissa Bachrach

"I just wanted to write to thank you so much for your support, advice and assistance with my new voice recognition software. The training was great and the learning guides are extremely helpful. More than anything it is great to be connected with a group of people who understand how challenging it is to "learn this new language."
~Anne Purdy

ZephyrTec certifications

Zephyr-TEC certifications

Let ZephyrTec help YOU harness the Power of Speech!™


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