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Winscribe Dictation

Winscribe Dictation - Automate documentation workflows for improved compliance and productivity

Automate dictation and documentation workflows
for improved compliance and productivity

Heavy documentation demands and inefficient workflows can impact business outcomes, from inconsistent and inaccurate reports, a risk to compliance, to employee productivity and costs. Solve your documentation challenges and transform manual and disconnected dictation and documentation processes into a streamlined and automated workflow with Nuance Winscribe Dictation, a world-renowned voice and data management system that enables ef´Čücient dictation and speech-enabled documentation processes.


Solve your documentation challenges with Winscribe Dictation

Whether you are looking to implement a digital dictation workflow management solution on your own server or in the cloud, Nuance Winscribe Dictation has you covered. Improve collaboration, productivity and costs, and empower individuals across your organization to create and share high-quality documentation and streamline complex workflows in a more efficient and flexible way. The powerful voice and automation tools, including dictation, transcription, speech recognition and workflow management solutions, make documentation processes faster, compliant and more complete—enabling your team to work smarter, not harder.

Winscribe Dictation: Automate complex workflows, improve your documentation, enjoy seamless integration

Fast and secure dictation and document creation on-the-go

The Nuance Winscribe Professional mobile dictation app provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Dictations can be created and sent with minimal clicks, and wireless connectivity with the Winscribe server ensures real-time updating and immediate transmission of dictations for traditional or speech recognized transcription.

Winscribe Professional works seamlessly with Nuance Winscribe’s digital dictation workflow system, enabling users to send dictations securely from anywhere and monitor the progress of the transcription process. With options to route work directly to a secretary or transcription team, you have the power of choice in your hand. Dictations can be uploaded anywhere, anytime – with client demographics attached – ensuring document accuracy and accelerating the transcription process.

Winscribe Professional Mobile App

Streamline and automate dictation and transcription workflows
and save time and costs

Productivity Icon

Enhance productivity for mobile employees:
Nuance Winscribe Dictation provides business
professionals with the freedom to capture
and deliver dictations immediately using their
iOS or Android device, for improved productivity
and more efficient delivery of information.

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Manage and measure to boost success:
Managers can monitor the status of the entire
dictation and transcription process in real-time.
Reports can be produced to assess employee
productivity and identify potential bottlenecks, so
managers can continually make improvements.

Integration Icon

Integrate within your existing systems:
Winscribe Dictation allows for integration with
other information management systems, such as
as record management and case management
systems and more.

Workflow Icon

Remove manual transcription processes:
Winscribe Dictation workflow automatically collects
and delivers dictations, assesses information
about each job and instantly delivers work to the
appropriate transcriptionist or support team.

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Improve document creation and turnaround:
With Winscribe Dictation, choose your dictation
workflow option: send dictated work to
support staff for transcription, send it to
the Dragon Speech Recognition engine
for automatic voice-to-text transcription, or
send it to an outsourcing agency for completion.

Security Icon

Keep information safe and secure:
Winscribe Dictation makes use of two levels of
security: file encryption and HTTPS. It also
provides a comprehensive set of policy rules
within the system that conforms to industry
standards, including password retention and
lock-out and force password change, as
re-use, account well as a password-protect
feature available for each job.

Learn how Tobin Lucks LLP reduced transcription time and costs with Winscribe Dictation

Founded in 1982, Tobin Lucks LLP provides legal services to the insurance and employer communities, with an emphasis in workers’ compensation, labor and employment counseling and litigation, and related areas of civil litigation. The premier full-service firm has over 70 attorneys and 100 support staff, who are located throughout six offices in central and southern California.

Tobin Lucks LLP selected ZephyrTec to implement Winscribe Dictation with integrated Dragon speech recognition, in order to reduce their reliance on a costly outsourced transcription service.

Since the implementation of Winscribe Dictation with integrated Dragon speech recognition, the timeliness of Tobin Lucks’ transcribed documentation has improved greatly, and their costs reduced dramatically:

“With Winscribe, letters are completed nearly instantaneously. We went from waiting 24 hours for documents to about 15 minutes. Our outsourced transcription bill used to average $26,000 per month. In addition, we were spending an additional $7,000 per month for contract administrative services. Since implementing Winscribe, we were able to reduce our costs to just $1,000 per month for outsourced transcription.” ~ Lynn Caprarelli, IT Manager at Tobin Lucks


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