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Court Recording

Liberty Court Recorder - A more efficient and effective court recording experience

The Liberty Court Recorder is the most advanced
technology available specifically designed to
capture and record courtroom activities

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The Liberty System includes advanced features such as Noise Reduction filters and Automatic Gain Control for the clearest possible play-back of the recorded audio. The system also supports optional video recording on up to four independent video channels and the ability to stream the proceedings to an internal network, or even to the Internet.

Recordings made with the Liberty Recorder can be played-back with both the audio and optional video, on Windows PCs, Mac computers and on newer platforms such as iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

Looking to upgrade your court recording system with a modern and integrated solution that is easy to use and affordable?



  • Liberty Court Recorder ScreenshotAutomatic Gain Control (AGC) and Noise Filters for audio playback.
  • The ability to capture each participant in their own audio and video recording channel.
  • Export cue-points, annotations and audio (with optional video) into PDF format for play-back without a separate player program.
  • Optional video recording with IP camera support.
  • Recording virtual, in-court and hybrid proceedings.
  • Cue points, annotations, audio and optional video are all saved into a single file.
  • Recorder and player programs both have integrated annotation facilities, eliminating the requirement for a separate annotation program.
  • Play-back support on PCs, Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and Android devices. See the Liberty Recording website for no-cost Player downloads.
  • Records on four, eight or more separate audio channels that may be isolated during audio play-back.
  • Confidence Monitoring re-plays the audio from the hard-drive to the reporter, during recording.
  • “Mirror” facilities can automatically create a redundant copy of the recording file on a second hard drive.
  • Audio Export to WAV, WMA, PDF with embedded WMA and to audio CD.
  • Video Export, if applicable, to WMV, AVI and PDF with embedded WMV file.

Records up to 4 independent video cameras

The Liberty Recorder can optionally, simultaneously, capture and record up to four independent video camera streams, along with the audio and the notes associated with the recording. With the Liberty system, the four video streams are recorded separately and independently, but saved into the same recording file as the audio and the notes.

Optional streaming facilities

The Liberty Recorder offers optional streaming facilities that can stream the media (both the audio and optional video, if applicable) across a network connection. Access to the stream is controlled using standard Windows access facilities, including Active Directory. The stream may be monitored by one, or a number of in-house supervisory staff, or it may be routed to a media server for widespread internal viewing, or even to the Internet for distribution on the court’s website.

Optional centralized monitoring and control

The Liberty Recorder supports a centralized monitor and control facility whereby multiple courtrooms may be monitored and controlled from a central control room.


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