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Speech productivity solutions, such as speech recognition, digital dictation, and transcription software and microphones and voice recorder hardware, assists millions of business professionals worldwide to use their voice to complete documentation faster and make business workflows more efficient.  To implement speech productivity solutions successfully, we combine our product knowledge and industry experience to deliver a unique and personal service that ensures all of our customers receive the right solutions that best meets their needs. We work with you and take the time to understand your company’s unique challenges before recommending a solution that can help you meet or exceed your goals.  By doing so, we are respected by many leading speech technology manufacturers, including Philips and Nuance, and we are certified partners that support and implement their solutions.  ZephyrTec's team includes expert trainers, programmers, coordinators, administrators and executives that are highly skilled in applying the power of voice to innovate productivity and streamlined document workflows in organizations using cutting-edge technology that will give you back time and make you more efficient. 

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