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Law Enforcement

SOLUTIONS FOR lAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONALS - Use your voice to make police reporting faster, safer and more thorough, while improving officer productivity

Make incident reporting and documentation processes
faster, safer and more efficient

Improve responsiveness, productivity and safety across your department, and provide officers with a faster and more accurate way to efficiently create incident reports and deliver mission-critical information using ZephyrTec’s powerful police reporting tools and expert training and services.

High documentation demands can overwhelm law enforcement professionals. While the capture and transcription of incident reports, interviews and other audio recordings is critical to law enforcement and legal proceedings, police chiefs and their command staff seek solutions to help reduce the paperwork burden and efficiently move mission-critical information. ZephyrTec’s powerful police reporting tools, including dictation, transcription, speech recognition and workflow management solutions, make the job of reporting faster, safer and more complete. With ZephyrTec’s solutions, your officers can document and manage reports more efficiently – enabling your department to boost officer productivity and keep more feet on the street.

ZephyrTec is an all-in-one provider of Philips and Nuance speech technology, which includes:

  • Speech recognition
  • Digital dictation and transcription
  • Mobile reporting
  • Telephony/Call-in dictation
  • Professional audio capture hardware
  • Video transcription
  • Workflow automation
  • Voice-enabled RMS and CAD data entry
  • CJIS license plate look-up
  • Expert training, implementation and support!

"We’re understaffed as a police department. Last year we handled just under 20,000 calls for service with just 18 sworn officers. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to increase efficiencies and make taxpayer dollars go further. Dragon helped us do just that by expediting our records flow with fast, accurate dictation. Now officers can spend more time out serving in the community and clerical staff can focus their efforts on added-value tasks."

Jeffrey Beahen, Chief, Rogers (MN) Police Department


ZephyrTec’s solutions for law enforcement professionals

ZephyrTec’s speech productivity solutions enable police officers, detectives and other law enforcement professionals to spend less time on incident reports and other paperwork and more time serving the public. ZephyrTec offers mobile, web-based and server-based digital dictation, speech recognition and law enforcement workflow and reporting solutions that help officers produce documentation faster and more accurately, while improving situational awareness and protecting the security of sensitive client information.

ZephyrTec's “Make my Dragon do more”
training, guides & macros

New to Dragon speech recognition, or perhaps your agency has new Dragon users that could use some help? Want to be more productive and learn how to navigate your RMS and better use Office and other applications with your voice?

Tame the Dragon, and learn ways to make your speech recognition system more efficient and effective than ever before with ZephyrTec's one-on-one tailored training classes, proprietary Learning Guides and customized macros!


Let ZephyrTec help YOU harness the Power of Speech!™

Since 1993, ZephyrTec has been, and remains, the industry leader in the deployment of speech recognition and workflow solutions to drive maximum efficiency in the creation of documentation and police reports.

Law enforcement professionals tell us their staff spends 60% of their time documenting cases (typing). Increasing productivity lends time to investigation and patrol. While documenting cases “on the street”, officers are not hands-free, eyes-free, jeopardizing their safety. Speech recognition and digital workflow technology addresses both issues, cost effectively. With a broad range of industry-leading options for speech technology to meet the needs of any user, our solutions let us help YOU Harness the Power of Speech!™

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