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Dragon Law Enforcement

Dragon Law Enforcement Speech Recognition - Safely and quickly create detailed incident reports in the field up to 3x faster — by voice..

Make incident reporting faster, safer, and more efficient

Provide patrol officers, agents, and other law enforcement professionals with a faster, safer and more efficient way to create incident reports and perform other essential tasks—all by voice—with the Nuance® Dragon Law Enforcement speech recognition solution.

Heavy documentation demands can impact timely report filing, limit the time officers spend in the community and even put their safety at risk. Dragon Law Enforcement empowers law enforcement professionals with a fast and accurate way to create incident reports—at the station or on patrol—all by voice. Speed data entry into records management systems (RMS) or other applications. Conduct license plate and other common lookup tasks by voice, and stay heads up and more situational aware.


On premise or in the cloud, we have you covered

Dragon's powerful dictation solutions empower you to create mission‑critical documentation with speed, detail, and accuracy.

Dragon Law Enforcement v16

Locally Installed

Safely and rapidly create detailed incident reports in the field up to 3x faster by voice while staying heads‑up and situationally aware, using customized AI‑powered speech recognition that reduces officer burnout. Enjoy the productivity gains of Windows 11/Microsoft Office on new MDCs.


Dragon Professional v16

Dragon Professional Anywhere

Cloud Based

Accelerate productivity and save money for your organization with flexible and secure cloud-hosted speech recognition that integrates seamlessly into documentation workflows. No complex configurations, one‑click installation and automatic updates also mean less work for your IT staff.


Dragon Professional Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere Mobile

Mobile App

Empower public safety personnel to keep up with reporting demands even when they are away from their desk. The professional-grade dictation mobile app, Dragon Anywhere, makes it easier for officers to complete reports in real-time—by voice—via their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.


Dragon Anywhere Mobile

Ready to save your department time?


Dragon Law Enforcement v16

Your preferred speech‑to‑text just got better

Dragon Law Enforcement v16From police officers on patrol to attorneys filing briefs to social workers working cases, business professionals prefer Dragon speech recognition for its unparalleled speed, accuracy, and specialized vocabulary and features. Now optimized for Windows 11 and backwards‑compatible with Windows 10, Dragon Law Enforcement v16 is taking workplace productivity to the next level.


Dragon cloud solutions

Work where you need to be

Dragon Professional Anywhere for Law Enforcement builds upon the success of Dragon Law Enforcement to extend the ability of officers and inspectors to capture incident reports and investigatory notes at any time and anywhere.

Dragon Law Enforcement provides a faster, safer and more efficient way to create incident reports and makes CAD/RMS systems easier to use—by voice.


Discover the Dragon difference

See how seamless documentation can be with award‑winning speech recognition that knows your business.

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Keep officers safe and situationally aware:
Improve in‑car documentation and safety while officers are stationary in their patrol cars. Officers can look up license plates simply by saying “Enter license plate Alpha Bravo Charlie 123,” or write reports and respond to calls—all while staying heads up and with their eyes on their surroundings.

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Faster filing, easier RMS interaction:
Skip notes and typing and simply speak incident reports directly into the records management system (RMS), CAD, or other applications. 3x faster than typing, Dragon speech recognition delivers up to 99% recognition accuracy and allows officers to navigate and complete forms by voice.
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Support recruitment and retention initiatives:
Nobody answers the calling of public safety to be bogged down writing reports. By dramatically reducing time spent on administration, new recruits spend more time engaged and visible in their community—increasing on the job satisfaction, reducing burnout, and increasing time spent fulfilling the agency mission.

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Comprehensive security:
All Dragon solutions—locally installed or cloud-hosted—are designed with “table-stakes” security in mind. Whether empowered by the industry-leading security of Microsoft Azure or audited to support gold-standard industry security protocols, Dragon won’t let you down.

ZephyrTec's “Make my Dragon do more” training, guides & macros

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Tame the Dragon, and learn ways to make your speech recognition system more efficient and effective than ever before with ZephyrTec's one-on-one tailored training classes, proprietary Learning Guides and customized macros!


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