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SpeechMotion - Fully Integrated Documentation Platform in the Cloud. A customizable documentation solution to fit your facility's evolving needs

Easily manage dictation, speech recognition and documentation
workflows, while improving clinician productivity and patient care

SpeechMotion Enterprise is a state-of-the-art product suite encompassing voice capture, speech recognition, automatic distribution and e-signature applications for healthcare documentation. Designed to handle high volumes and complex workflows, SpeechMotion has improved documentation efficiencies and productivity at hundreds of healthcare facilities across the country.


SpeechMotion improves clinical documentation


Document a patient encounter with full or partial dictation, voice recognition, or on-the-go with a customized solution tailored to your unique environment.


Solving common documentation issues, like lowering costs and integrating workflows, begins with choosing a solution designed to meet your evolving needs.


Improve workflow efficiencies and physician adoption for a rapid return on investment with a partner committed to your long-term success.

A unified solution drives better results and improves care

Dictation Icon

Make smart use of dictation with the right options: Dictation is the fastest way of documenting narrative components of a patient record. Histories, assessments, plans and other subjective sections are required to support proper and efficient coding and billing. Choosing SpeechMotion will give your physicians the options they need to document narrative quickly and efficiently, improving your overall clinical workflow and guaranteeing a return on your investment.

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Enterprise-wide clinical workflow management that integrates with your EHR: SpeechMotion's customized workflow routing, back-end speech recognition and automated distribution enables facilities to receive documents faster without constant management, freeing staff to concentrate on other tasks, like billing and scheduling. SpeechMotion seamlessly integrates with your EMR, making documents available instantly throughout your organization.

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Speech recognition accessible anywhere: SpeechMotion Enterprise offers an unprecedented unified back-end and front-end speech recognition technology. On the front-end, providers may make use of their voice profile to document a patient encounter directly into your EHR. The cloud-based speech recognition profile is available anywhere the provider travels and is always up-to-date with latest technology releases. On the back-end, voice profiles are trained using traditional transcription, eliminating the need for your physicians to train the engine.

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Improve documentation completeness and accuracy: Facilities seeking to improve documentation completeness and accuracy may elect to implement SpeechMotion’s Clinical Documentation Improvement workflow. Identify required information or critical data elements in documentation, that when missing will trigger an alert(s) to either a transcription manager, HIM staff or the dictating provider. The alerted user may then add the missing information, either directly to the report or via dictation, so only accurate and complete clinical documentation flows back to your EHR.

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Drive process improvements: SpeechMotion tracks a variety of statistics about your documentation that can be used by your facility to improve patient care. Track lag time between a patient encounter and dictation on the encounter by your providers. Be alerted when documentation lacks patient demographics. Audit documentation for overall quality and accuracy. Facilities may also utilize SpeechMotion’s robust notes and alert tools for secure communication between your staff.

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Secure, reliable and budget-friendly cloud-based solution: A cloud solution, SpeechMotion reduces costs by eliminating hardware expenditures and support contracts. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the cost of working with SpeechMotion is entirely based on usage. This means there are never any unexpected or unallocated costs to squeeze into a budget.

Streamline document workflow, reduce IT resources,
and improve patient care

SpeechMotion enables clients to address their documentation workflow problems, so they can better concentrate on patients. As a cloud solution, SpeechMotion is easy-to-use and deploy, minimizing IT overhead and eliminating on-site support. Information is centralized and accessible from anywhere, so documents are where they need to be when they need to be.

Facilities across the country are solving problems with SpeechMotion, including:

  • Hospitals: Hospitals save money, reduce turnaround times and improve their clinical documentation workflows with SpeechMotion.
  • Clinics: Healthcare clinics choose SpeechMotion to reduce IT costs, increase documentation quality and improve physician EHR adoption.
  • MTSOs: MTSOs select SpeechMotion to improve customer service, profitability and drive better results.


A solution designed to meet your evolving needs

As the requirements of clinical documentation evolve, healthcare facilities and the organizations supporting them need flexible and robust solutions that guarantee a rapid return on investment, while at the same time providing a streamlined workflow that encourages physician adoption.

Facilities across the country are selecting SpeechMotion to improve their:

  • Clinical Workflow: Create a workflow designed to fit your unique needs without any custom programming.
  • Physician Adoption: Give your physicians the options they need to do what they do best – take care of patients.
  • Return-on-Investment: As a competitively priced cloud solution, SpeechMotion can reduce, or even eliminate, many of your IT and overhead expenditures.



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