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Speech Recognition Solutions for Education - Speech recognition solutions for students and teacher

Enhance the educational experience

Nuance Dragon® Speech Recognition software transforms the classroom and helps students and teachers express themselves — enabling them to achieve new levels of success, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Dragon enables students, teachers and school administrators to dictate and edit in programs like Microsoft Word®, Excel® and Outlook®, and watch their spoken words appear in documents, email, instant messages and more—three times faster than most people type—with up to 99% accuracy. Students can also surf the web by speaking commands to navigate the browser and select links — all by voice.


Help students realize their full potential

Dragon has gained broad acceptance as a cost-effective accessibility tool for a wide range of students. It not only provides an alternative input method for students with physical disabilities, but has also been shown to help students with learning disabilities make significant advances in the areas of reading, writing and spelling. By eliminating the physical demands of typing and cognitive barriers to written communication, Dragon can help all students better realize their full potential. It lets students express themselves simply by talking. Typing and spelling concerns no longer get in the way and slow them down.

Benefits of Dragon for students and teachers:

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Eliminate the barrier of typing:
Dragon provides students an easier way to control a computer that is less physically and cognitively taxing. Simply speak and the words appear on the computer screen transcribing up to 160 words a minute. Or use simple voice commands to conduct research. Simply say "Search Wikipedia for George Washington Carver”.

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Turn frustration into accomplishment:
Dragon can read back transcribed text to ensure that the material is truly what the user intended to say. Students can also use Dragon to read aloud other text such as homework instructions or incoming email.

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Manage communication more effectively:
Send email and IMs to collaborate on group or classroom project—entirely by voice. Compose and send emails to colleagues, administrators, parents and students.

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Quickly and easily prepare lesson plans:
Dictate three times faster than typing—with up to 99% accuracy. Prepare lesson plans, syllabi, reading lists, and worksheets—faster than ever before.

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Provide more detailed assessments:
Provide more detailed feedback when assessing student work—from papers through research projects to tests—with unprecedented speed and ease, simply by speaking.

Solutions to fit your needs

ZephyrTec’s Nuance Dragon speech recognition solutions enable students and teachers to organize their time more efficiently and to work in more flexible and productive ways.

Dragon Professional Individual

Create documents, emails, forms and more with Dragon Professional Individual, the locally-installed version of Dragon Professional meant for individual users (with installation on up to 2 Windows-based PCs).

Dragon Professional Group

Dragon Professional Group is an enterprise-ready speech recognition solution for organizations that allows centralized management (track usage, redistribute licenses, and manage or share customizations) via the Nuance Management Center.

Dragon Academic Lab Pack

Ideal for schools considering Dragon deployments in computer labs or specific classrooms. There are two levels to choose from - five (5) licenses of Dragon Professional or 20 licenses of Dragon Professional with the necessary software media.

PLEASE NOTE: Dragon speech recognition is only supported on devices running Windows operating systems. Chromebooks and Mac OS devices are NOT SUPPORTED. Uncertain if your PC, laptop or tablet is compatible? CONTACT US

Get work done anywhere

Mobile speech recognition for students and academic professionals.

With Dragon Anywhere, our cloud-based, professional-grade mobile dictation solution, it's easy to get paperwork done away from your desk. Dictate documents of any length, easily edit, adjust formatting, and quickly share them via email or popular cloud-sharing apps right from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.


ZephyrTec's “Make my Dragon do more”
training, guides & macros

New to Dragon speech recognition, or perhaps your organization has new Dragon users that could use some help? Want to be more productive and learn how to navigate your applications and better use Office with your voice?

Tame the Dragon, and learn ways to make your speech recognition system more efficient and effective than ever before with ZephyrTec's one-on-one tailored training classes, proprietary Learning Guides and customized macros!


Let ZephyrTec help YOU harness the Power of Speech!™

At ZephyrTec we understand that new technology can be daunting and that it can take some time to adjust to. It can be especially intimidating to people with disabilities or injuries, as well as those that need to work hands-free and in a new ways.

Since 1993, ZephyrTec has been working with students, teachers, business professionals and other individuals to help improve their document production and processes, boost their productivity levels, and help them get back to working with less pain and frustration. Let us help YOU Harness the Power of Speech!™

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